How to Remodel Restaurant Kitchen? Things You Shouldn’t Avoid

Are you the owner of a restaurant in Orange County, or working as a manager in a restaurant somewhere in California? Are you planning to give a facelift to your restaurant? If so, this article is worth a read. Read on to know how to renovate the kitchen in your restaurant.

The kitchen is, without any doubt, the heart of your restaurant. You should focus on everything, including construction, design, efficiency and the entire operation in order to ensure hinder success. You should know that if space isn’t organized properly, it leads to spills, loss of income and waste steps.

Consider the following things when remodeling your restaurant in Orange County.

Choose Right Equipment

Ahead of doing anything, makes sure you have had the right equipment in your kitchen. The restaurant kitchen is a workhorse. You should design and place equipment to deliver quality products. When shopping for equipment for your restaurant kitchen, ensure you have added into your list the following items:

• Food prep tables
• Dishwashing equipment
• Electrical equipment, such as stoves and fryers
• Storage cabinets and drawers
• Refrigerators and freezers

Keep IT Properly Organized

While restaurant remodeling in Orange County, you should focus on how to keep well organized. Make sure you have only essential things in your kitchen. Pair downs your accessories and supplies to keep the kitchen move efficiently. Keep items that have similar functions together. Encourage your staff always to put items back where they found them.

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Setting Your Kitchen

One very important you should consider is to set the kitchen up for success. In general, there are four configurations of a basic restaurant kitchen. They are Assembly line, zone, island, and ergonomic. The work style and menu of your restaurant operator drives the layout of your kitchen space. To take an example, restaurants with limited menu items, like fast food, usually consumes, an assembly line set up in order to maximize their output.


Building or remodeling a smart kitchen requires industry knowledge. It’s not everyone’s job. You need to hire interior designers and professionals even for a small kitchen in order to increase sales revenue. Given to this fact, you should look for a professional designer that can help you remodel your restaurant kitchen they way you want. By designing kitchens alongside owners and chefs, reconstruct spaces that are functional and efficient. So, look for professionals online and start planning your restaurant construction.

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