5 Reasons to have dog for living healthy life

healthy life with dog

Dogs and humans have the cutest bonding on the earth as human and animal. There are plenty of reasons that every one of us must have a dog life at home. Ok, let me ask you a question. Do you know that having the dog at home helps to get a better life? Yes, you read it right. It does. Let us explore some reason how?

Dog shows unconditional Love

Every one of us feels happiness and exhilaration whenever we reach home and our dog comes to us with moving tail. Research shows that spending 15-30 minutes with your dog helps you to reduce stress and make you feel calm and relaxed, which is very good for health. Any dog owner can tell you that dog shows the unconditional love to you. Watch this real story based movie Hachi: A Dog’s Tale or go and read about it on Wikipedia and you will more come to know about how much an unconditional love dog has towards us. There is no surprise that why people love the dog as their kids.

Improves Heart Health

Having dog does not only warm your heart, it strength your heart as well. American Heart of Association’ scientific statement released a report, which says that cardiovascular disease risk could be reduced by owning a dog. Moreover it helps to reduce cholesterol and obesity due to physical activity with the dog. Whenever we take our dog for a walk, knowingly or unknowingly we are also doing exercise which also aids to strengthen your heart and cutting of cardiovascular disease risk.

Now let us more explore how dog helps us stay fit and fine.

Assure Regular Exercise

Being an owner of a dog leaves you with no excuses from escaping the exercise, because now it is mandatory for you to go for a walk on daily basis. These walks will not only strengthen your heart and legs, it will give proper shape to your body and your personality will improve dramatically.

Create Healthy Habits

Traveling with your dog built healthy habits in you. If you are little cautious about your health and take proper diet such as taking breakfast with full of nutrition before going to walk with the dog will give you #healthy_life. Creating a new healthy habit is tough, but with your dog’s companionship, it becomes easy and effective. 

Reduce Stress

Life has become full of stress in this competitive world. Everyone is running behind the success and to get that we all are trapped in a cage of tension and stress. Now if you want to manage stress level or want to get rid of it, play with the dog because scientific research says that levels of oxytocin in your brain increase when you are having a good time with your puppy. This activity makes you feel good and reduces your stress level. This result is proven that’s why few companies have allowed dog owners to bring their dogs into the office and a specific area or dogs free to good home is reserved for them where caretakers take care them. 

Cure Allergies and Asthma

It might seem untrue and wired to you, but it is a proven fact that if your children grow up with dog surrounding them, they have the lesser risk of facing eczema and any kind of allergies. Moreover ratio of dog owners’ recovery from sickness is higher than those who do not have dogs at home.

I hope these points are enough to tell you that how much a dog is useful to live a  healthy lifestyle.. When are you going to have a dogs online or adopt a pet for you home? Let us know your experience with dogs for adoption in our comment section.

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  1. Martin Lyons says:

    I do have a dog at my home and I must say that I have become more agile and healthy after adopting him. Thanks for suggesting the movie. I would surely watch it with my dog.

  2. Nisu Sharma says:

    Few days ago, I was planning to have a dog and this article has ensure that I am gonna have a dog very soon. You have pointed out plenty of benefits of having dog. Great write up.

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