An Expert Guide to Starting a Dashing Health & Fitness Instagram Account

If you are planning to start a health and fitness account on Instagram, you should understand that there are many factors that could be contributing to the growth and success of your account. It is important for you to know the tricks of the game to sustain and succeed in the highly competitive health and wellness industry. You may draw inspiration from renowned Instagram fitness influencers like Simeon Panda and Sjana Elise Earp, who have put in a lot of hard work for perfecting their photography skills, brand, and physiques. It has helped them to gain a lot of traction and win millions of followers on Instagram over the years.

As per, whether people are looking for motivation, inspiration, or smart workout tips, Instagram is the best destination to head for fitness lovers and health freaks. Instagram is the right platform for doctors, hospitals, healthcare providers, fitness centers, gyms, personal trainers, and even yogis who are more than willing to go about documenting their fitness journeys. However, with countless Instagrammers and hashtags out there, we understand that it could be quite challenging to identify the best. If you are starting your health and fitness account on Instagram, you must learn step by step about establishing an inspiring health and fitness Instagram account.

Identify Your Goals on Instagram

Before you start generating content for your Instagram health & fitness account, it is of utmost importance to determine and identify your goals and objectives you are thinking of accomplishing by setting up a fitness account on Instagram. You should not confine yourself to your follower count and consider the kind of incentives and impact you are looking forward to eventually. Consider the precise Instagram goals, for instance, fitness goals so that you know what activities to indulge in for fulfilling them.

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Here are some objectives to achieve:

Express Your Purpose or Mission: Your mission could be to share your entire fitness journey for motivating and inspiring others or chief objective. Suppose weight loss is your chief goal, you could achieve positive results by starting to follow a workout regimen regularly and consciously planning all your meals. You may end up motivating and inspiring numerous fitness freaks and health-conscious people. For instance, it is the primary objective of Insta-Mom Christy Gomez to help and inspire new moms to gain self-confidence and self-esteem back after giving birth to a child via fitness workouts and healthy meal plans.

Look for Sponsorship & Endorsement: If you are into professional athletics, you may be thinking of getting an endorsement. Instagram page can be leveraged to capture the attention of top brands. Once you create your Instagram fitness page, you can do wonders.

Attract New Clients: If you are pursuing a fitness career as a personal trainer, you can judiciously use your Instagram health and fitness account for achieving credibility and grabbing the attention of brand new clients. You may consider following the bright example of Instagram fitness influencer Sara Vowell who uses her profile on Instagram for endorsing her online training programs and meal plans.

Boost Your E-commerce: Thanks to the shopping feature of Instagram, you can go about selling fitness products such as athleisure wear and health supplements via your Instagram wellness & fitness account.

Fill Out Your Instagram Profile: Create your Instagram fitness profile and switch to an Instagram for business account. An Instagram business account gives you easy access to some special features that are not provided to personal Instagram accounts. Some features that you could enjoy by having an Instagram for Business profile for your health and fitness business. Instagram ads, Instagram Insights and Analytics are the special features for reaching your precise Instagram goals and aspirations as a fitness brand on Instagram. There are three specific things that all Instagram business accounts must be having. They are a profile picture, bio, and a link.

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Profile Picture: Focus on using a professional logo or maybe a head shot as your fitness account profile. The ideal profile picture for your Instagram business profile should be 180 x180 pixels in size. Your Instagram Fitness Account Bio is regarded as the window to your soul. It is considered to be a mini-trailer demonstrating to your visitors who you actually are and precisely what type of content could be expected from you. Exercise wisdom while choosing the words in your Bio section. If you are having an official website or even a blog, you should incorporate that link into your bio to let all your followers know about your website.

Define Your Fitness Niche & Ideal Follower: Determine the precise kind of follower you are looking for. Understand clearly exactly for whom you will be creating the content every day. Focus on generating a buyer persona. If you know precisely who you are trying to attract and lure to your Instagram fitness page, you will create relevant content that they would love for sure. For instance, if as a fitness influencer, you wish to help others lose weight through dancing, in such a case, your ideal follower would be somebody who has a passion for music and dancing.


Always focus on sharing your unique story. Your personal story or fitness journey will be speaking volumes about your personality and the reasons why you are different from the rest. Keep connecting with people across the globe to boost your health & fitness brand.

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