Best 15 Tips For Instagram Profile Growth

Instagram Profile growth

Everyone’s on Instagram nowadays. In fact, Instagram is one of the four major social media platforms that collectively, are used by about 5 billion people daily! Having the best possible out-reach on social media can be extremely useful, you can promote messages you are trying to broadcast, you can promote brands you are supporting or starting up and so much more. Whatever you are trying to achieve, these 15 tips will guide you effectively to growing your profile.

The key to Instagram is a great profile, strategy and consistency. Maintain these and you can’t go wrong!

Having a brilliant bio

Your biography is the first piece of written material that your viewers will judge your profile by. Making a good impression at this point is therefore very crucial to keeping people on your page. People get bored easily and make judgements quickly. Have a succinct biography that appeals to your target audience, explains a bit about you and promotes your brand’s overall tone.

Having a link available

If people on your profile can easily click a link through your Instagram, they’re much more likely to become curious about what it is you are trying to promote. Your homepage is the most useful and potent place to direct your followers to. Alternatively, direct to campaign pages or content you have created for a valuable method of raising your reach.

Transitioning your profile into an Instagram business profile

Instagram is great for business – there are multiple tools that you can use to analyze social data to the best of digital ability. You will be able to add a number, email address and a physical address to locate your business at. This makes is easier for customers who wish to gather your contact details.

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Goal setting

Goal setting is important for anything you are trying to achieve. Knowing where you intend to be with projects, including Instagram can include showcasing your products/ /services, increasing your brand loyalty, building your brand’s community and of course, advertising to customers (both new and old).

Maintaining a colourful theme

Having a consistent colour palette theme allows your followers to feel like you’re reliable. Psychology shows details like this gets people to want to keep coming back for the same satisfaction they received initially.

Font consistency

Following the same logic as the previous tip, font consistency means having the same layout in your posts. This makes them instantly recognizable, so people are more likely to know your page off by heart. They will share your page more easily and also reach your page more easily too. It’s also highly effective and accessible to include comprehensive captions and to overlay videos with subtitles for deaf viewers and those who wish to have the sound off.

Focus less on posting often and focus on consistency

This is the third tip in a row concerning consistency. There’s a theory that the more often a brand posts on Instagram, the more engagement they’ll receive. It’s true – studies have found that accounts who post more frequently are the most engaged with.

However, posting multiple times a day may not be sustainable for your lifestyle and may also catch your audience off-guard. Post an equal amount on a daily or weekly basis for the best results.


The early hours appear to be the best times to post on Instagram: 2 – 5 AM, namely. Later, in the afternoon is probably the best time for user engagement and on Tuesday 2 PM is likely the best time for driving traffic.

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Other times that may provide good results for you are 5 – 6 PM on weekdays and 6 – 8 PM on Mondays.

Using multiple tools

The use of both hashtags and location tags promotes the most engagement. This is because it helps people discover your posts the most. Studies have shown that nine hashtags per post are most influential, though try not to overuse them. This can lead to Instagram’s algorithms putting a shadow-ban on your posts, reducing the exposure they have.

Creating interesting content

It only seems logical that people tend to follow accounts they’re interested in. However, many accounts and brands make the simple mistake of simply not being interesting enough. The use of Photoshop tools and being bold enough to produce content that is different and engaging, will promote the most interesting content.

Making the most of Instagram stories

Once you pass 10’000 followers, your stories will be able to incorporate links to other pages. This can drive traffic towards your homepage/ campaign and so on. Polls and questions are features that directly engage your followers, and can help you personalize your feed.

Instagram highlights

This is perhaps an underrated feature. Use this to promote your other social media platforms, as well as your best content. This can promote engagement with your products and services in a practical and efficient manner.

Hashtag choice

Research the highest trending hashtags. Include a mixture of hashtags that are in the top 20 trending, as well as ones that directly relate to your products or services.

Filters are important

The top filter is actually not to have a filter at all. This promotes the idea that your account is genuine and transparent. Jazz your page up with trending filters such as Luwig and Valencia so that your page doesn’t appear at all boring.

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Engage with your competitors’ followers

An easy way to gather followers that are interested in your content is to go to bigger pages that post similar things to you. Incorporating all the three types of Instagram user engagement (following, liking and commenting) produces the best results.

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