Top Upcoming Electronic Devices That Will Blow Your Mind

Technology is an integral part of our lives. We cannot imagine a single day without the various electronic gadgets that we use for different purposes on a daily basis. Path breaking technological advancements make sure that we have new devices with innovative features every few months. Here are a few devices you can look forward to buying in the coming days.

iPhone 8

This technological giant is prepping to launch this latest version to mark its 10th anniversary soon. This time around, the phone is expected to get a new look with a new design with OLEDs (Organic light emitting diodes) replacing the existing liquid crystal LCD displays. The model is also expected to be more responsive to touch on all sides instead of the screen only. So wait and watch out!

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung is close behind its competitor Apple in launching its innovative Galaxy S8 model. A high resolution 4k display, new virtual phone assistant, an iris scanner and a second rear camera are some new features that are expected to take this model a notch higher. Redeem Souq Coupons if you are planning to buy a new mobile online to get the best discounts.

Canon 6D Mark II

If you love clicking away with the latest bit of technology, then this is a must buy in 2017. This amazing camera from the ace brand has the latest dual pixel CMOS auto focusing technology apart from a host of other features associated with the brand. You can attach a wide variety of lenses depending upon the content you are planning to shoot. It is a great option for amateurs as well as professional photographers who are wishing to take their skill to the next level.

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Foldable Phones from Samsung

Developments in technology never fail to amaze humans. This unique phone from Samsung is expected to help you read and see content on a tablet sized screen that shall convert into a smartphone while you are on the move. Several other brands like Lenovo and Oppo are trying to develop similar foldable products but looks like Samsung is all set to hit the road first. Look for Desertcart Coupon whenever you are shopping for electronics online.

Android 2.0 Smart Watches

From smart phones, we have now moved on to smart phones and you can expect the newest Android smart watch to hit the shelves soon. With you can download and run apps on the watch with a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi minus tethered connections.

HTC 2VR Headset

HTC’s smartphones have been impressive enough but the brand is now focusing on virtual reality to bring out its Vive VR headset. The latest model is expected to arrive without a cable that can be connected to a PC and can be used wirelessly.

Google’s Driverless Car

Google can never stop surprising you with its technological wonders and its driverless car is the latest addition to this. Still, in the development stage, this vehicle is expected to be powered by artificial intelligence equipped with video cameras inside the car, sensors, and radars for efficient and easy manipulation akin to human intelligence.

Electronic gadgets and devices can cost a bomb. Whenever you think of upgrading your existing model, be prepared to spend some extra bucks for procuring the new one. However, if you use online coupons and deals, you can get good bargains that help you get such gadgets at affordable prices. You can also look for exclusive product launches on different shopping sites for money saving deals. So keep reading about such upcoming devices and prepare yourself for some more excitement as you fear up to own these beauties.