Are Smartphones Really Smart Without The Internet?

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Today, we think, we have been very smart. Smart enough that we can do those things in seconds that once took years and months to be. We are at the climax of the invention when we compare ourselves with our predecessors. We say we have a smart home than our forefathers, smart vehicles, smart technology and mobile phones about which our grandparents didn’t even think. Is this pride of prudence and sublimity of efficiency justifiable? Are we really smarter than our elders who had lived before the twentieth century? We say, today we have smartphones and pays every year millions of dollars for purchasing them.

Many smartphone makers like iPhone, Huawei, Samsung and many more are in competition to give the customer the utmost reliability and capacity of apps operations and “blah blah”. Can all these apps and aspects for which phone makers charge us high prices operate without the internet? We should rethink that are these smartphones really smart or it is the internet that makes them smart. Because, none of the function that makes a phone a smartphone can operate without the internet.

Smartphone vs phone  

Similarly, why do we say smartphone a smartphone? Is it really smarter than the simple one? If it is genuinely smart, then what are the aspects that make it smart and unique or more productive than all others? To find out its smartness we here too compare it with the simple phones and diagnose it characteristics that make it distinct from the older one. The basic, common and most important characteristic of every phone is to make the call. And we see we can make the call whether the phone is a simple or android. But why a smartphone is different and expensive.

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Unique Feature of smartphones

The mobile phones we use these days have multiple features. We can play games on these phones. We can listen to music on smartphones. We can make video calls. And we can also get a map guide. In addition, we can install different applications that are done differently for different programs. In addition to this, much more that we can visit or with our smartphone like; Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, which has seized and crazed almost everyone. Apart from this, we can now hire Uber or Careem to travel on our mobile phone. These are all aspects that we did not have in other phones or old phones.

Games in Smartphones

We have been busier than ever. Our challenges have been more difficult and multidimensional and are in crowds. Routine work has been more challenging and hectic. In this scenario, physical and digital games are essential for physical and mental relaxation, respectively. There are thousands of games that we can install on our mobile phones through the Internet from App Store or Play Store. Now online games are in trend, many of my friends play games online, Pub G, Fortnite, Dota2, all the time.

Access to Social-Media APPs

The applications of social networks have a very positive role in connectivity, integration and globalization. We have been very close to each other. These have rejected many stereotypes that previously prevailed in the world with respect to other nationalities before interacting through these applications. I have many friends who belong to other nationalities on Facebook. In the same way, these applications of social networks have a very positive role in the promotion of journalism or freedom of expression. Through these smartphones, we can log in to these social network applications, since if we have Internet.

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Multi-Apps Capacity

Smartphones have the ability to operate multiple applications at the same time. There are many applications that help us in different tasks respectively to its programming. For example, television channels, educational institutes, different brands and newspapers, and many other organizations have their applications to which we can connect from these applications on our mobile phones through the Internet. The Internet is mandatory here as well.

Movies, songs and Entertainment videos Streaming

Hundreds of movies and thousands of songs and many other informative and entertaining videos are there. Like many others, I am also a follower of the Throne Game. And I watched the seven stations on my smartphone because I could not manage my time to see this on time. But thanks to my beloved phone, I saw all the episodes on my phone while I was sitting in the office. We can have fun and fascinate with these movies and songs when watching any movie and listen to any song at any time on our smartphone, since we have the Internet in our mobile phone.

Video call function

Today, in the age of technology and progress, scientists and technicians present advanced devices and devices every day. When the phone was invented, it was considered a great miracle in human history. People were amazed at how the voice can travel electronically and in waves. But now we can even see another person, millions of miles away from us through a video call on our smartphones with an Internet package.

If The Internet disappear

The Internet has captivated every aspect of our lives. He has transformed and introduced intelligence in all areas of life. We have been more advanced, just look at mobile phones, we have a guru in our pockets in the form of a mobile phone that helps us in a multidimensional way, for example, we can rent a car and we can read a newspaper or watch the information. On our mobile and we can play games on it.

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All these features of our smartphones require the Internet to work. Media without the Internet cannot even do a thing, so we are supposed to buy a smartphone. Synthesize, it’s the Internet that turns a phone into a smartphone. Without the Internet, there is no difference between a smartphone and a simple phone, with the exception of the cost of the purchase.

We now have thousands of brands of Android phones that run your ads with amazing and deep features. But only one of them is applicable without the Internet. Without the Internet, smartphones are a little different from the 80s or 90s phones that allow a snake call and a game in their software. Therefore, it is the Internet that makes them really intelligent.

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