Remodelling Old House – What to Restore and What to Replace

Remodelling Old House

Are you thinking of remodelling your old house, and wondering what to restore and what to replace? It is obvious that your old home has its charm, but as time passes, it needs a little updating so that you can live more comfortably.

So, when it comes to replacing and restoring some old things, here are some tips you can follow:


Floors are not easy to replace. Particularly old houses have hardwood floors that can be refinished. Mostly these floors are covered with rugs. If it is so, pull out the carpet first and then inspect the floor for damage like cracking and warping.

After inspecting, if the floors are in good condition, you can refinish them in a better way. But if there are any cracks, first you need to repair them, or you can replace the floor which is actually an expensive deal.

The Fireplaces

Many extremely old homes contain chimneys or fireplaces in each room. These are no doubt an alternative option to heat up your home, but in modern times, families often go for ductwork. So, most fireplace areas have been closed with bricks.

What you can do here is to restore these fireplaces and decorate them in a way to get the charm of your old house back. However you are not using these fireplaces, but they add vintage beauty to your home.

The Windows

Old houses have glass windows that are wavy and stained. It is not so tough to clean these stains with chemicals. So better to clean the glass and repair the wooden work because it is hard to replicate the same work.

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Inspect if there is any damage to the wooden area of windows and if it is severe, replace them. You can use the same glass of old windows and do not need to change all.

The Doors

Vintage doors are enormous, substantial and made of durable wood in the old houses. They additionally have confusing designs, and that is sometimes difficult to recreate. Rather than replacing them, you can have them sanded, which will keep your home’s vintage look as it is while permitting you to give your own preferences and save cash during remodelling your old home.

The Trim and Moulding

If your house has old trims, baseboards and mouldings do not remove them. They added extra charm to your home looks. Have them sanded and refinished. You can give your favoured shade of stain. Refinishing will save your money and additional expense to replace the moulding.

If there is any missing trim, you need to purchase some period pieces to fill the area. There are many shops and warehouses that save and offer such components so you can buy from them.

The Roof

No doubt the roofs of old houses can last for centuries, but with time they need to be replaced to give a little modern look. Putting the same style roof may be costly as the old houses mainly have slate roofs. New slate roofs can be expensive. So, it is advisable not to add the same roof again.

Instead of that, you can install an architectural shingle roof that looks like a slate roof. It will be less costly and saves your money. It is one of the stylish home improvement tips that are budget-friendly too.

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The Heating and Cooling System

The old houses don’t use air conditioners like today. So, there will not be a place to add a duct system or it might have a boiler. You can replace that boiler with the AC. Check the functionality of your air conditioner if it is working correctly.

Things with Lead or Asbestos

Old houses mainly have hazards with lead and asbestos in it. If you find lead-based paint and other things that contain asbestos you need to remove. For this, you will need an expert to remove those components. After removing these components, you can replace them with modern equivalents. This can be the best alternative for money saving.

The Plumbing

The plumbing system of your old house matters a lot that can lead you to spend extra expenses. The old pipes can lead to water leakage that becomes hazardous for you. So instead of repairing these pipes you must go for replacing. The new set of pipes will last longer and saves your money on frequent repairs.

The Wiring

The old house wiring doesn’t have modern codes. In modern days you need an electrical system that is upgraded. The updated one will better meet the modern building codes. So, for the sake to meet today’s demand, you need to change your old wiring system. Also, you need to change your old fuse box. Otherwise, it will not handle the new wiring controls.

The final words

Old and vintage houses have their own charm. This charm may be century-old, but in modern times some of the house things do not adjust. It means they need repair, maintenance or sometimes complete replacement. If you are living in such a century-old home and thinking about remodelling it, the above-said tips can be helpful while you can’t decide what to restore or what to repair.

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