Mobile Marketing Techniques to Shine at Top of the Charts

mobile marketing techniques

In this era, it is impossible to imagine a world with the use of mobile applications. Mobile has absolutely taken over our lives, work, business etc. Starting from ordering food to taking care of our prescriptions, everything is possible with just a few taps on the smartphone. And, the soaring demand and need of mobile, and mobile applications has given rise to evolution in the mobiles market. The mobile professionals are working day in and day out to upgrade the handsets, the software, or the apps within. But, this growth in the market simply means a lot of intense competition as well.

Fierce competition in the mobile world

Whether it is the mobile phone manufactures, the Operating System providers or the mobile app development companies, every department linked to smartphones today is facing severe competition. In a way, it is a nice thing to happen as fierce competition gives rise to better quality products and services. But, the most intense amongst all of these is the race between the mobile applications.

Mobile app industry is one of the hottest these days

Mobile apps are trying everything possible to surpass the competition. Also, the bar for standing out from the crowd is remarkably high as well. Therefore, it is fundamental for all the iOS and Android application expert development team have a very solid mobile app marketing strategy. The strategy should be based on targeting the right user group, and this is very important. The company has to identify the appropriate target group, and the app marketers have to build plans to attract the specific group. This directed approach is going to work wonders for the companies.

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What does it take to be a top mobile application?

ASO: App Store or Play Store Optimization

The whole fight is about the ranking of a particular app on the Store, and what’s better to improve the ranking than decent PlayStore or App Store Optimization. As we know that both the Stores algorithmically order a few mobile applications in the search results as per the variation of ranking elements, like tags, ratings etc. Though, contrary to Search Engine Optimization SEO, the Store’s optimization has to be discrete for every app, and it cannot similar. From the title to the short description, everything has to be optimized as per the core functionality of the application.

Thorough Study of the Target Audience’s Behavior

In order to succeed, it is utmost important for every app marketer to study the customer behavior and patterns well. They should have good understanding of their target audience. Because, only when they know about them, then only the app marketers would be able to devise ways to engage the audience.

The marketers have to keep in mind that every user is unique, and the people who use different smartphones also behave differently. For example, there is going to be a whole lot of difference in the pattern of use of a college going student to an established businessman. Hence, things like a good study of the traffic that visits the site, customer surveys or the engagement level on the social media platforms may also help you get some more insight into the customers.

Try out some other online mediums for promotion

Mobile app marketing doesn’t restrict you to only promote your app over the Stores. You may want to try out some innovative, new platforms to market the product or the app too. The best example that is apt for the today’s generation is social media platforms. You can try out different social media marketing strategies to market the app as well. Also, you may go for email marketing as well. Therefore, do not restrict your app marketing plans to only the Stores.

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Add CTAs into the application

You may plan to include certain elements in your app while developing it which will act as the CTAs to market the application. Something like share the app or related things (may be an article, a product etc.) to the social media platforms could be a great way to promote the app and the product or service. This will act as a great way to encourage people to share the app, the service, the product or anything that they like.

App marketing is getting hotter and hotter with each passing day, as the number of mobile users and apps are also growing. Therefore, the app marketers have to really try out newer things to tap the audience’s attention.

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