SEO Practices That Will Get You Noticed By Search Engine

SEO Practices

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is advancing day by day with many new optimization techniques introduced by Google and other search engines. However, there are several fundamental optimization principles that remain unchanged. To make sure your website gets noticed by the search engines, you need to follow the best SEO practices to improve the organic rankings.

Unique content and relevant keywords are the bases you can stick upon to achieve higher ranks on search engine page results (SERP’s). From link building to on-page SEO and title tags, there are several other aspects to focus on, which can really help in making your website or blog more accessible.

Some of the truly best SEO tips that are sure to bring more leads and conversions to your website are:

  1. Link to Quality Websites

Link building is the foundation of SEO which is critical to the growth and ranking of your website. No matter, what service or brand you are selling, linking out your site web pages to quality websites having relevant content can greatly help in achieving better online conversions. Try giving links to trustworthy sites having appropriate audience and relevancy.

According to Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz,

“Linking out sends trackable traffic, it makes your site a more valuable and scalable resource.”

Link building is and will remain a fundamental part of the search engine optimization strategy for now and coming years. Don’t forget to notify when you link out to some website or blog or even web page, as they can link you back, in case they find your post valuable.

  1. Remove Unwanted Site Elements

When it comes to SEO, page speed plays a great role in retaining the target customer base. No matter, how much unique and appealing your website is, if it takes much time to load, you are probably going to lose your count of visitors. Slow page loading can frustrate a visitor and ultimately discourage them from making a purchase.

A recent survey data shows that websites that take less than 3 seconds to load are favored by Google and even a second of delay in page load time can yield a loss of 7% in conversions. In contrast, faster loading pages are responsible for reducing the operating costs and improving the user experience.

  1. Write Unique & Relevant Meta Descriptions

Meta description and meta titles are collectively known as meta tags which are one of the important aspects of SEO. If you want your website or blog to rank at a higher spot, never ignore to write and upload unique, relevant and keyword rich meta descriptions.

When a user types a search query, the Google search engine fetches the relevant data from the meta tags and shows them up in the query results. Since search engines don’t like duplicate content, only the websites with unique meta descriptions are given the higher ranks or spots.

In case, you are using duplicate descriptions or copying others, Google may penalize you for this act. 

  1. Write Easy to Understand Content

Whether you are posting blogs or are writing the website content, your foremost priority should be to focus on your target audience instead of keywords. Though keywords are important for ranking, it is crucial that your website visitors should easily understand the message you are conveying on the site. Try to drive more audience towards your service or blog by posting engaging, relevant and valuable content.

“Well Optimized Content is the Actual King”

The real focus of SEO is shifting on long-tail keywords but most of the professionals are still not aware of this. Consider writing content that is easy to read and actually compels the visitors to choose your service or buy a product.

  1. Get More Inbound Links

If you are aiming to get higher ranks for your business, get more inbound links to your website which are relevant and qualitative. Inbound links are considered the lifeblood of search engine ranking and Google rewards a website having a natural link profile.

By writing and uploading unique and useful content with effective inbound link building, you’ll find that more audience is visiting your website naturally. You can even practice content marketing to make your web content more accessible. This online technique is all about creating high-quality and engaging content that can be linked and shared on the social media networks and other sources.


If you are aiming to get your online business noticed among the target audience, just focus on making your website more SEO friendly. To do this, research the latest trends and Google algorithms and incorporate them into your online marketing campaigns. Discussed here were some of the common SEO practices that people often ignore to focus on, thereby landing themselves at low SERP ranks. To make your website more accessible, indulge in the SEO practices mentioned here.

Author Bio :

Roy Smith is a Content Writer at GlassMedia having 6 years of professional experience in researching and writing technical content on web development, web designing, SEO strategies and digital marketing topics. Roy love to pen down my thoughts and research on recent technological trends in IT industry.