How to Build a Successful Mobile Application?

mobile application

Every day lots of mobile apps are posted to the Google Play and Apple App stores. Some of these mobile apps and some games, others are social networks, and many are e-commerce apps. All of these apps if professionally created should follow a similar mobile app development process.

Every mobile app is one of a kind and our methodologies are usually evolving, but this is a reasonably popular technique while developing mobile apps. This mobile app development procedure typically consists of trouble identification or finding the solution with good business strategy, design, development, and advertising and marketing.

  1. Trouble/solution assertion and business strategy

As trite as it sounds, all superb apps started as ideas. In case you don’t have an app concept, the nice area to start is to teach yourself to usually suppose of factors in terms of troubles and potential solutions. You want your mind to naturally ask “Why do we do things this method? or Is there a convenient way to fix this problem? If you may discover a problem or market inefficiency, you are half way on your concept!

The subsequent element to do is understand why this problem exists and thinks about why no one else has made an app to resolve this problem formerly. Speak to others with this problem. Immerse yourself within the problem area as much as possible. Once you have got an entire grasp of the problem, start to compare how a mobile app could solve the problem.

  1. Design

From what we’ve got located, layout (UX) plays the maximum crucial a part of an app’s achievement. What is presumed to be an app’s success can range depending on the user and business necessities?

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As an example, the achievement of a game or an app in entertainment category can be defined in terms of common utilization, lengthy consultation time and excessive retention; while a utility app’s success can be defined based on how quickly a user learns to use it and then how easily the tasks are achieved.

Proper design is essential for the success of an app because:

  • It enables a user to learn how to use the app greater speedy
  • It makes the app smooth to use
  • Design assures more engagement using the right triggers
  • The app is aesthetically pleasing
  • User’s emotional needs are also being fulfilled, along with the useful necessities put in the front of an app

To obtain the above goals, you need an excellent UX design crew and the whole technique to the development ought to be user-centric, where business and development goals should align with the person’s goals.

The vital factor to understand approximately design is that it is not just how it seems. The design consists of graphic design, information structure and information design, and interaction design. Even as designing an app for a particular platform (iOS, Android, windows mobile or web), it is crucial to research and include various design suggestions particular to the platform so that user experience remains constant

  1. Development

There are many challenges and questions app owners normally face while developing an app. here are some of them:

  • Whether the app should be developed using Hybrid or native technologies?
  • Whether should we start with one program only or with multiple?
  • Which server-side technology stack should we select?
  • How can the communication among customer side and server side teams be progressed for higher API design & improvement, more importantly, if the groups are running remotely?
  • Which development method is appropriate; waterfall, agile or a mix of waterfall and agile?
  • And lastly, whether one should use take a look at-driven development (TDD) or rely on guide testing?
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Answers to these challenges and questions depend upon different factors. For example, the development method can depend upon project agreement or the preference of the development crew. Other examples may be whether to apply TDD or not. The choice, in this case, depends on cost and deadlines. Another frequent question we face is whether to go with a hybrid app or native apps.

A hybrid application built applying Xamarin or HTML5 may store on value and time, and in various cases where applications aren’t too complicated or comprehensive, will deliver similar performance as that of native apps however when apps end up extra comprehensive they’ll no longer be capable of delivering the same level of user experience and overall performance to users as the local versions do. For that reason, the change-off needs to be evaluated and compared very thoughtfully

  1. Marketing

We’ve consulted with over two hundred clients who had an app development strategy within the past, and to our wonder hardly 5% of them had at the least 10% of the budget allocated for advertising and marketing activities and distribution of the app.

With each app category having lots of apps, and over 2 million apps available on each store cumulatively, it is turning into more and more hard for new apps to differentiate themselves and continue to be on user’s device with high usage. Therefore, it is of the essence to invest both time and money to market your app.

With our experience, we have felt that a minimum of 30% of the total budget should be allocated for some sort of marketing activities. Except, of course, your goal is exceptional and also you want to target a specific cognizance group or develop the app just for validation. In very rare cases, when the idea is so unique, apps attain great virility without any marketing efforts.

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We’re on a mission to create mobile applications available to all businesses and set them free from thousands of dollars in development and maintenance costs. Developing and growing your business through mobile experience shouldn’t be costly, time-consuming and intimidating. It shouldn’t get off from your sources to do what you love the most, and it should easily provide value that you, your customers and your employees can enjoy in the long run.

With our mobile application development platform, you can have a mobile app ready for your audience in a matter of days.

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