3 key Benefits Of Building a Mobile App For E-commerce Business

3 key Benefits Of Building a Mobile App For E-commerce Business

Heard of a new branded smart TV having lowest price possible? Wait, we have got a rain of doubts now. Is the company reliable? Will this TV have all the desired features of a smart TV? Will it last long? Is it comparatively better than the ones in the market now? But, What about the picture and sound quality? Is this TV compatible with my home theatre? Oh, take a breath. You can make all the comparisons, know the features, brands available, check offers, discounts and reviews to decide on buying a product. Yes, Of course! It is obvious to look at the smartphone in our hand for such information. Mobile phones have become so handy that we don’t usually wait till we reach our laptop or desktop for enquiries.

It is in 2016, that Google researched to find out that more than 58% of mobile users check their smartphones for all the above discussed details, while nearly 66% of the people are willing to buy products online. This count keeps on growing year-by-year, encouraging app development companies to create more and more mobile apps for E-commerce business. So, undoubtedly, the E-commerce mobile applications are ruling the E-commerce business.

Why do we need E-commerce mobile application?

Mobile App for E-commerce business makes it easier to access, while bridging a strong relation between consumer and entrepreneur. The customer feels a sense of trust and loyalty from his favorite brand when he can reach through the App from his personal mobile phone. According to a research by Adobe, 67% of the online purchases done through mobile phones, are being transacted through the Mobile Apps. E-commerce Mobile Application enables a customer to have a clear idea of the products and services available in the company, their prices, offers, ranges etc. all the information along with a better and promising service.

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Be Careful and Creative

In the same way, while preparing an App for the company, the app development company should take care that the memory occupied by this App is less and that it is compatible with all the types of mobile software available in the market. The companies can offer discounted prices and coupons for downloading their E-commerce mobile application. Also, a customer will not be too patient enough to bear the mis-functions of the App. Hence, the App should deliver best performance on all the mobile software. A user should also be able to reach the company through this App though the internet facility is poor. Despite low signal, if the user can have better access to the site, through his mobile App, there’s no turn down for the business. The mobile application development should be attractive and creative. Introducing games in App is another way of keeping customers interactive and engaged.
When these E-commerce mobile applications are attractive, engaging and useful, people usually take interest in exploring it. Any loyal customer will usually promote it with links if they like it on their social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Hence, the customers themselves act as best promoters of your online store. Offering special discounts and surprise gifts to the customers who installed the Apps or who forwards the links, encourages people to pass on the App links to their friends and family circles. It is also important to keep hold of the customers, by keeping them engaged, who otherwise would migrate to some other similar Apps in the market.

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Age of Mobile Apps

There is never a better time than this to introduce Mobile Apps for E-commerce business, i.e., your online store. For the past three years, online market has been increasing as rapidly as twice fold and the graph continuous to grow in the future. An App development company can help your customer reach you at one touch. Studies say that 79% of those who use smart phones have one or more retailer store Apps installed in their mobiles phones.
Many creative ideas such as gaming while shopping, knowing about products through voice recognition, operating the App hands-free, using a built-in camera in the app to show friends what they got, suggesting nearby stores using google map etc., that attract and engage the customers are beneficial for the mobile application development. The E-commerce App development companies help in building the business Apps according to the requirement of the entrepreneur. Along with GPS and Camera, some Apps have options to scan PDFs, Barcodes, QR codes, NFC to use payments, accelerometer, gyro meter and compass, finger print scanners etc. which can be utilized for thousands of purposes. With these attractive features, it is hard to resist for customers.

Scope for Marketing your Product

With the introducing of e-commerce mobile application, the scope of your market gets widen. Focusing on tailored content in the App and introducing content and menu options in the language they speak can also gather interest of the public. Personalization of information based on user’s location, interest, culture etc., like sending suggestions depending on the areas of interest can impress the audience.
With the E-commerce mobile application, it is easier to send instant and non-intrusive notifications to the App users, through which the message will be clearly send and the user will not miss to see, and it won’t go into junk or spam. Mobile applications help the entrepreneurs reach the audience easily, quickly, without a miss and with least marketing costs.
With interactive engagements, user’s experience for purchase, usage of product, grievances, queries, delivery, reviews and customer related experience aspects can be collected, which increase engagement with the app and loyalty towards the company.

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Boost Your SEO Ranking

It is the dream of every entrepreneur to get displayed on the first page of the search engine, whenever a customer searches for your product. What would be more delightful than to learn that it can happen with your e-commerce mobile application? Two birds at one shot, right?

Keeping the customers and App users engaged with your products and services, increases your SEO ratings. Updating website content and using synonymous words both in App and website can increase the SEO traffic. Thinking innovatively and acting before your competitor does, can increase the market. A mobile App for e-commerce business can bring you what you dream of and more!!

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