Interesting Quizzes to Help your Child to Improve Knowledge

interesting quiz

Quizzes have always been one of my most favourite moments since school. Students would flock the halls whenever a quiz took place.

At times, the teachers divided the classroom into three groups, row-wise. Then, we had to compete row-wise and answer questions from the teacher. Right or wrong, the aim was to take risks to discover the answer and improve our treasury of knowledge.

Here’s a list of quizzes that schools can organise to make learning fun in their classes.

  1. Anatomy quiz

It’s important to know the way our body functions. Students can test their knowledge they have about the human body. A quiz after each chapter in the biology class can be a good idea.

Anatomy quiz

Do you know? We, humans, are taller in the morning than we are at night.

  1. Space quiz

For the students that are space enthusiasts, such quizzes can help them to keep their curiosity about the space alive. Give them the space quiz challenge with amazing facts.

Space quiz

Something like “One day on Venus is longer than one year on the Earth” will be great!

3. Food quiz

Teach the students more about what they eat and test them on how much they know about the constituents. Here, teachers can make sessions more interactive and fun. They can allow students to eat food during the quiz.

Food quiz

Do you know? Apples float on water because they consist of 25% air.

  1. Elements quiz

You can test the extent of information the students have gathered from the chemistry class. The symbols might be hard to remember, but a gift to the winner of the quiz will always tempt them. They will pay more attention, in case they don’t like the subject.

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Do you know? In actual, glass is a disorganized solid which flows very, very slowly.

  1. Plants quiz

How long do banyan trees live? Or, how do plants reproduce? Such questions can help students in a class to learn more about the environment they are living in.

Read this: 85% of plant life is in the ocean!

  1. Flag quiz

Who doesn’t want to roam around the world? Knowing the flags can help while you travel. Students must learn about the flags of various countries. A fact about the flag of a country will help them remember it for a lifetime.

Flag quiz

Did you know? The peace talks between North Korea and South Korea led to both the parties trying to bring a bigger national flag than the other in every meeting. This continued until a special meeting was held to confer the size of the flags, as they could no longer fit in the room.

  1. Sports quiz

Participation in sports holds as much importance as academics. Students should be encouraged to play their favourite sport. They must be aware of the rules of the game. A sports quiz can help them polish their knowledge of their favourite game.

Do you know? Shin guards are traced all the way back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans.

  1. Geography quiz

Geography, at times, seems uninteresting to students. Did you ever enjoy studying about the black soil with a good granular structure on the surface? The same could have been fun if you studied it out in the open on a surface that had black soil. Likewise, quizzes with winning gifts can also instil enthusiasm to learn more about geography.

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Geography quiz

Did you know that the dust from Africa can reach as far as Florida?

  1. General knowledge quiz

This one can be fun. The students get a chance to compete on who knows the most about what’s happening in the world. General knowledge is an important aspect in adult life. From here, students can get the necessary motivation to read the news on a day-to-day basis.

General knowledge quiz

Do you know? On removing the last four letters from the word “queue”, it is the only word in the English language that is still pronounced the same way.

  1. Animals quiz

Animals are as important as humans and are a big support to the ecosystem. Students need to realize this. Hence a quiz must also include subjects that give priority to education on animals. It will help them study more on animals and keep the ecosystem healthy.

Animals quiz

Do you know? A shrimp’s heart lies in its head.

You just came to know about 10 amazing facts just by reading a blog based on quizzes. Imagine how much a student can learn when you arrange these quizzes in a classroom! I feel home and dry as I have done my part to suggest. Implementation is on you!

Schools have now realized it’s about time! They are bringing changes to the training-testing-repeat method. The Gen Z doesn’t want to memorise dates, formulae and figures by rote. Unlike the past, students want education that can feed their curiosity while they are on the quest to add more to a knowledge base.

Author Bio :

Priyanka Joshi is an academic writer. She is associated with Nalanda International School, Vadodara and has a passion for writing about education and collecting stamps. Nalanda International School provides best-in-class education to the students with latest facilities.