Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Metris- A Clear Indication for a Smarter Commercial Vehicle

Mercedes-Benz service

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Every time you mention the brand Mercedes-Benz, its the luxury vehicle with its class and poshness that comes to everyone’s mind. But what about the commercial heavy-duty vehicles that still wait for some attention? Has Mercedes-Benz left it completely untouched or do they ever intend to explore the markets as well? The moment you ask this question, the next moment they come with a bang reply- the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Metris Worker Van series. There has been a very important question put up by the marketers and car enthusiasts- are brands like Mercedes-Benz and others meant to be solely luxurious in category? Will not they ever help commoners earn bread and butter? The brand finds it to be a serious scope and hence indulged in producing these models in the line.

Mercedes-Benz service

Now, Mercedes-Benz has set up multiple factories that spreading all across the United States since the demand for the commercial van never fails to recede at all. The journey isn’t for just a few years, but rather of two decades when the first Sprinter Van first appeared in 1995. And there has been no stopping them since then. From a common commercial vehicle, the process of evolution has gone up to be the virtual Swiss Army knife of a truck. With a large variety of models ranging from basic can and chassis to the entire retail market where the daily needs end up at construction vehicles and heavy-duty passenger trucks, Mercedes-Benz Greensboro NC has always been highly appreciated.

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Now you need to have a right variety to meet the wide range of needs in the market. Mercedes-Benz never ignored it, and hence the Sprinter was designed to carry out the heaviest on and off-road duties. To complement this bigger size and heavier loading capacity, the brand has also got the Metris Worker van rolling which has been inspired by Spanish designs to a major extent. Mostly, the configurations have been made keeping the cargo and passenger space in mind, but they are crafty enough to fit in the regular home as well.

But there’s one thing that the Mercedes-Benz service centers never fail to boost- the additional chassis, engine and body configuration of the Sprinter Worker Lineup. Having a standard 4 cylinder turbocharged 2.1 liter Blue TEC diesel engine at its core, these beasts on road are capable enough to deliver 161 horsepower and 266 lb-ft of torque. While on one hand the Sprinter lineup is motivated by the diesel engines, the Metris worker vans have been dedicated to 2.0 liter turbocharged 4 cylinder engine. It’s a universal truth that comfort and ride quality will come accompanied with any of the Mercedes vehicle you buy, irrespective of whether its a luxurious segment or the commercial one you head towards. There might be some slight groaning and moaning while the engine starts, but also those sublimes down to smooth ride once it gains speed. How much of an inspiration do you need in order to get a Sprinter in your garage?

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