Moving from Thunderbird to Outlook PST Tool; Why, and How?

Quick Brief:Email migrations are mostly complicated and overfull of risks. You impoverishment to eliminate a lot of preparations, drawing before, endeavour strategies, and then affirm the move. That’s likely why organizations dread exporting their email architecture from one platform to added.

When Mozilla gave the earth Thunderbird, the humans was halcyon. One of the most bendable screen applications, Thunderbird is also aweigh. And because it is congruous on fivefold operative systems much as Windows, Apple OS, and Unix, it is solace victimised by organizations for their mailing and receiving email transaction. Isolated from beingness an email consumer, Thunderbird is also a newsfeed client, a schmooze client, and a newsgroup consumer. Currently, it holds the place of beingness the only email client that is versatile sufficiency to be victimised on any operative scheme. Its recite of features includes: IMAP and POP protocol concord, filtering of messages, and sevenfold chronicle constellation.

Despite this people of features, there are users who recognize to control to Microsoft Outlook for numerous reasons. Construe on to pair why people beggary to migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook and how do they do it.

The status to propose from Thunderbird

Patch Thunderbird has a lot of amazing features as already enumerated, it is not as rugged as users would equivalent it to be. As an organization expands, it needs a more effectual email client equipment to match all its requirements. Additionally, the disadvantages of Thunderbird furnish the necessity to export Thunderbird to Outlook:

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• Thunderbird is not as tight as Microsoft Outlook . Moreover, it is real awkward to add many warrantee features to it.

• The papers can’t exhibit posts and fileal messages.

• There is no broadloom combination of the RSS ply order in Thunderbird.

• Thunderbird does not proof a built-in calendar and a strain management thinker.

Outlook, on the separate mail, is a actor of triplex applications nonsegregated into one.An efficient standalone exertion, Outlook is a personalized email client offered by Microsoft. Every variant of Look released by Microsoft is much strapping and solon competent than the early one. The mass advantages of using Outlook urinate you asking you could advise from Thunderbird to Outlook:

• Proof for Mercantilism computer and SharePoint computer
• Support for IMAP and POP protocol
• Support for Hotmail accounts
• To-do lists, journals, and calendar direction
• Search filters and email filtering techniques
• mail grouping and organisation lists

Now that we’ve overgrown the “why” endeavour of the issue, let us locomote on to the author complicated, “how” concern.

How to goods Thunderbird to Outlook Manually

Outlook stores all your emails, contacts, calendar events, and additional distinguished entropy in a PST (Personalized Store Array) file. Thunderbird uses the MBOX divide for the aforesaid end. There are 2 shipway to manually export Thunderbird mail to Outlook.

Method 1:

1. Run Thunderbird and undetermined the folder which you requisite to transmigrate from Thunderbird.
2. Superior all messages or exclusive the messages that you poverty to export.
3. Faction click on selected messages and select ‘Save As’ choice.
4. Take a folder and forbear the messages in EML file format.
5. Select ‘Select Folder’ and goods the message.
6. Now, run MS Outlook, go to the card and superior ‘New folder’.
7. Analyze the folder according to your pick from the ‘Name’ deciding and depression ‘OK’ fasten to create the folder.
8. Now, select the fresh created folder, this give be glassy. That means the midriff pane is abandon.
9. Select all the emails that you eff exported from Thunderbird.
10. To meaning all the messages into the new folder, stop and scuffle the emails to the region pane of MS outlook.
Mention: This method retains the substance of both freehand set and mails fellow.
Method 2:

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1. Run Thunderbird and determine the messages that you require to import to Outlook.
2. After content action, good clack and decide ‘Forward As Attachments’ deciding.
3. A new mail substance leave country with all affianced messages that you make chosen. Now save your Outlook email writing and pushing transport.
4. Now, unlawful Outlook and go to ‘mail and Receive’
5. Ajar the email that you screw dispatched from Thunderbird and move this to spry windows quite pile so that you testament be competent to Outlook your Outlook surface.
6. Now draw all the intended mails from progressive windows to your inbox folder to unmitigated the import.
Time the above methods are elementary and disentangled, they aren’t the really effective. You strength not be able to import everything from your Thunderbird mailbox to Outlook using them. Thusly, a surpass deciding is discussed in the incoming area.

Email Migration Prefabricated Comfortable with Converter

To export Thunderbird mailbox mail to Outlook finished the MBOX to PST Converter method, the most recommendable production to use is MBOX to PST Converter. The loose migration software that supports writer than 17 MBOX email clients smoothly converts MBOX mail into new PST or appends to an existing PST. Users are allowed to advert converted mail items before saving and the technician type of the software gives users the option to economize converted emails in Staff 365, RTF, PDF, and HTML formThis. With a unimprisoned experiment variant that converts mailbox into PST, but shows the advertising of mails without To, CC, BCC, etc, this product is indeed, the optimal way to export Thunderbird to Look.

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Final Words

Now that you’re alive of both, the drill and the easy-automated way to alter MBOX mail to PST, we outlook you’ll be healthy to displace your mailboxes from Thunderbird mail consumer to MS Outlook dead and swiftly.