13 Effective Ways That Will Help You Stay Away from Junk Food

junk food vs healthy food

Over the years, junk food has become a major part of people’s diet with everything from breakfast to dinner being consumed in the form of junk food.

Majority of the people are unable to resist their cravings for these unhealthy foods, falling for their taste and flavor without considering the harmful effects these foods have on their health.

The easy availability and cheap, affordable nature of these foods have been one of the major reasons as well for this unfavorable development.

With fast food restaurants, convenience stores, vending machines, coffee shops and grocery stores present in almost every nook and corner, junk food is simply everywhere to be indulged in.

This consumption of highly processed/sugary/junk foods has led to a massive rise in obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and many other chronic conditions and diseases.

Like most things in the world, these desires and cravings can be controlled and conquered by putting in some concerted effort.

Here are 15 ways/habits for you to adopt in your daily life that will enable you to stay away from unhealthy junk food.

Get rid of all junk foods from your house

If the first sight you see in the morning after entering the kitchen is a pile of junk, sugary & processed foods, then it is almost impossible to kick this unhealthy habit away.

So your first step in winning this challenging battle should be to completely get rid of all types of junk, processed and sugary foods from your house.

Instead, stock fruits, vegetables, nuts and other healthful foods in your kitchen, which will help you in a big way to follow a full-of-nutrition healthy diet.

Opt out of your routines

Most of the people have got their favorite shops which they visit daily at a certain time to get their daily dose of junk foods.

This can be anything from a quick morning burger while going to the office, an afternoon snack break wherein you feast on french fries or a large fried chicken bowl at a fast food restaurant in the night.

Doing away with these routines will go a big way in you avoiding the consumption of junk foods.

 Drink adequate amounts of water to stay well hydrated

People often misunderstand their body’s call for water to be hunger, unnecessarily binging on junk foods even when all that was necessary was drinking a glass or two of water.

So the next time you feel like you are hungry and need to eat food, drink a big glass of water and wait for some time.

Most of the times the craving would go away without you needing to consume any food.

Plan your meals in advance

Allocate some of your free time during weekends to planning all your meals for the coming week in advance.

List out all the meals, check out if you have adequate food supplies and get the maximum possible things done before the week starts.

Carry all the food you will need throughout the day with some excess as well in case you have an unexpected hunger pang.

See to it that you have absolutely no excuse for having to eat food from outside by having every meal ready beforehand for you to be consumed.

Do all your grocery shopping on the weekends

Getting all the healthy foods and ingredients you would need for the week stocked in your house by Sunday, would be the ideal way to prepare for the coming week.

Eat a hearty breakfast every morning

Eating a satiating breakfast every morning goes a long way in keeping hunger pangs away until lunch, keeping you away from junk foods in the process.

Oats along with greek yogurt and some fresh berries would be a great combination of ingredients but if you don’t have enough time to have breakfast at home, look to consume a green smoothie that is high on nutrition and fiber.

Include protein in every meal

Including adequate amounts of protein in every meal will aid in keeping you satiated, decreasing appetite and thus averting any cravings for junk foods.

Protein-rich foods to include in your meals are eggs, fish, poultry, milk, soy, sprouts, lentils, etc.

Look for healthier alternatives

If you have a soft spot for a particular type of food like sugary, spicy, etc., then look for healthier alternatives beforehand.

For instance, you can keep some dates, dried apricots or fruits in your bag to satisfy your sweet tooth whenever you feel like it without compromising on your health.

Never skip meals

Skipping meals not only has a negative effect on your health but also ramps up hunger pangs, further encouraging you towards consuming high-calorie junk foods.

Cook healthy meals and snacks at home

When you cook at home, you are in total control of the ingredients and the subsequent amounts of various nutrients in your meals.

You can see to it that minimal or absolutely no added sugar, unhealthy fats, etc. are present in your meals while you can include all of the essential macro and micronutrients, ensuring that you are consuming a balanced diet.

Foods such as vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy, lean protein sources, healthy fats-rich foods, nuts, etc. should be the staples in your diet.

Look to create a favorable family environment

Encourage members of your family to follow a similar healthy diet plan as yours and inform them not to stockpile any kinds of junk foods in the house.

Seeing your family members feast on a pizza while you munch on a salad is the type of scenario you should be looking to prevent.

Manage your emotions & stress

Being sad, angry, depressed, etc. can lead to comfort eating wherein you indulge in junk & sugary foods to your heart’s content without worrying about anything else.

You need to see to it that this doesn’t occur by pursuing the regular practice of yoga, pranayama, meditation, etc., which will help instill a calmness inside you helping you control your emotions rather than they controlling you.

If necessary, treat yourself once in a while

If you cannot forego a particular food or beverage completely, then have it in moderation every two weeks or maybe once a week, taking care of the fact that this treat doesn’t lead to binge eating.

Author Bio :

Amir Atighehchi is raised in Los Angeles, CA. Health and fitness have always been a big part of his life. He ventured into the food and beverage industry by starting two different concepts - DRNK coffee + tea and QWENCH juice bar. also, he is one of the Habit Nest co-founders.
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