Changes to Come to Automobiles in the Next Five Years

Automobile Industry

Every year, automobile manufacturers try to make the latest and greatest vehicles that outdo what they had made in the previous years. Some years, these manufacturers even come out with a completely new model that is out of this world and that everyone is lining up to be the first person to buy.

There are changes that are coming to the manufacturing industry, however, especially when considering automotive manufacturing and the changes that are coming there. You can read more about some of the expected changes to come in the information that is provided to you in the list below.

1. Telematic Changes

As technology continues to update, so does the need to have the latest and the best technology that is available in any car that you own, no matter the type. Many vehicles may want to, in the next five years, rely more on receiving every piece of information that they need to know right away and right on their dashboard.

This information can include information on if there is an emergency vehicle closeby, the parking situation at a new parking lot, the traffic that is coming up ahead, and more. This technology can be offered in the form of V2X, or vehicle-to-everything technology, and V2G technology so you will always give customers what they need to know.

2. Hybrids

Hybrids are becoming more and more popular which is especially true when considering Ford earnings and the number of hybrids that they have created. Unfortunately, the 48-volt hybrid, which is the most popular and most powerful, is not as popular among consumers as manufacturers would have thought.

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There is considerably a lot more technology available now to create a hybrid vehicle that does not rely on as many emissions and that does not have such a large battery pack. There is a need to make real change in the climate, and this can come via a new type of hybrid vehicle.

3. Social Media Awareness

Social media is more important now than ever when considering even the manufacturing of automobiles. Even if you have made the best car that is available, no one will know about it unless you have an effective marketing plan.

Many companies are relying on social media more than ever right now in their marketing plan, and this will only continue in the next five years as more platforms are made. This is the best way to reach younger customers as well in order to make more sales.

4. Connectivity and Artificial Intelligence

There have been rumors in the past of a self-driving car when considering the latest in automotive manufacturing. This may become more of a reality in the next five years though as more uses of artificial intelligence become reality. It is important to ensure that there is IoT software in the vehicles in order to utilize these technologies though, which will come with 4G, 5G, and even Bluetooth capabilities. These will also allow you to connect more devices directly to your vehicle to give your customers a better driving experience.

5. Biometric Systems

As you can see, many of these changes that will come to the manufacturing industry have to do with technology. This last point is no different, and it considers an easier manner that you can help customers in monitoring the health of their new vehicle. This comes through a biometric system that can be implemented in almost any vehicle and should be within five years. This can be done through facial recognition technology in which customers could see something that is wrong with their vehicle, and they can receive information on if the car is detecting any health symptoms of the driver. This has the ability to save lives.

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There are many changes to consider that will come to the automotive industry that you need to consider as a manufacturer. Be sure to take into account all that technology has to offer so that more customers can feel satisfied with your products. Technology has the ability to help anyone, and it can truly make a more powerful vehicle for customers to be able to drive. There are many other changes to come as well though, so be sure to always keep up-to-date.