How to Win PUBG Domination Mode with Practical Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

PUBG Domination Mode

Player Unknown’s Battleground abbreviated as PUBG is an online royale battle game for multiplayer. This game is inspired by a Japanese movie Battle Royal in 2000 and PUBG; the mobile game app was introduced on December 20, 2017, for all major operating systems including Microsoft, Android, and iOS and now it has 400 million+ players in total.

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The developers of PUBG keep on updating new versions to bring out something thriller for their players. Recently, the app has come up with a new version 0.16.5 and season 11 of this game brings new features similar to the COD mobile that is named PUBG mobile domination mode. Tencent Games smartly designed this mode intelligently, and this latest update was first available on Android and iOS phones from January 9, 2020.

PUBG Mobile Domination Mode Basic Guide

PUBG Mobile Domination Mode Basic Guide

This domination mode is played with the new arena map named ‘Town’ where 4vs4 players are divided into two teams’ Red and Blue.’ The map consists of three bases called A, B, and C and each team has to capture a specific base that is randomly activated for 3:40 minutes or hold it how long enough without getting killed.

The team that holds the first two bases wins the game. But remember that the ‘Second base’ will not get activated until the first base is fully captured.

At the beginning of the game, you will be allotted an assault rifle and basic armor. Then midway in the game, you will get some superweapon crates that contain a kit which is upgraded with armors, guns, and even RPGs. So don’t forget to get it on your way!

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This is a hostile game mode on a map that contains ample corners and covers to attack and defend your team.

PUBG Mobile Domination Map Strategy

As soon as the game starts:

  • You have 10 seconds to think
  • Make a Prep about where you want to go
  • Think about which base opens first
  • However, if your guesswork fails,
  • You will be stuck in an attacking position, and your opposition players will know where you are, but you shall be clueless.

Hence, in such situations, one of the players is recommended to leave the base and start approaching the new base entrance.

Pubg new base entrance

Here are some map strategies to win the game, which is divided into attacking and defending strategy for each base:

Base A

Pubg Base A

Base A consists of three entrances and an enormous statue in the middle of the base that breaks it into small alleyways.

Attacking Strategy

  • In attacking the position of A base,
  • One player needs to cover the high-ground
  • Whether it is Red or Black houses
  • Another player must follow the attacker from the entrance of the left to the right corner.
  • Remaining two players nest themselves in the corners of both houses’ entrances and isolate each corner.


Defending Strategy

In this situation, you must:

  • Take the Blackhouse closed corner from where you can get the view of both paths A and B
  • Just keep your ears open and listen to the footprints of the enemy.
  • If you don’t find any route
  • Just fade away in the shadow or hug the other side of the box or the central statue and wait for the clue.

Base B

Pubg Base B

Base  B is a tricky one because it has a very open space with two real entrances and some handfuls of covers. It is not easy to hide yourselves here.

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Attacking Strategy

To attack from base B, you must take advantage of Red house as just slide the corner of its entrance that gives you a clear view to shoot players who come from its west-side cover.

Defending Strategy

When you hold base B:

  • Find a place or a corner that covers you from both sites.
  • It is recommended to go in a pair and if not!
  • Hide yourselves behind a large box and slide at the edge of walls.


Base C

Pubg Base C

Base C makes you feel the most thrilled than ever. Here you can get plenty of corners to hide and attack.

Attacking Strategy

  • Attacking is more accessible in this base.
  • The A side entrance gives you a direct view of main cover points but you must avoid going on the staircase too early.

Defending Strategy

  • It is tricky to protect yourself and your team here.
  • You must take a cover of your team member’s back with a crossfire.
  • Try to grab superweapons in this stage to save yourself.


5 Tips and Tricks to Win the Domination Mode

As we have discussed the map strategies of this mode here are some bonus PUBG tips and tricks for you, that will help in winning this mode and acquire bases first.

  1. Hold the Best Possible Position

  • This mode is all about position.
  • Just occupy the best suitable position first, where your enemies can’t see you.
  • When you play as a first-person perspective, you can’t see the enemies behind you.
  • When you play as a third person, you will have a 360-degree view to see anyone.
  1. Show Your Teamwork

  • This mode is for squads only.
  • You have four players in each squad and you must defeat another squad to win the game.
  • Just divide your positions and work and compile your strategy as a team and stay connected with each other.
  • Only collaborative teamwork makes you win the game.
  1. Get the Strongest Weapon

  • One of the basic rules to win this game, grab your powerpack gun to shoot enemies.
  • In this mode get ‘Groza” the most powerful assault rifle that can fetch any close combat easily.
  • You can get it from crates or corners of the map.
  • So, just get it as early as possible.
  1. Stay at a Point

  • This mode is not about killing enemies, and it is about holding your base.
  • So to win this game, there is no necessity to run out to chase the enemy, just stay on your base and protect it.
  1. Try to Occupy Base First

The best strategy to win this PUBG game is to occupy the base first as it is easy to defend rather than attack.

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In Final Words,

As we have discussed all possible guides to PUBG mobile domination mode, but it is just a basic experience, to understand it on the real ground, just go and play it with your loved one and get all possible tricks and win the game!

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