Winner Winner: How Can You Taste the PUBG Victory Chicken Dinner?

How Can You Taste the PUBG Victory Chicken Dinner

PUBG is one of the few games that have risen to significant fame within a short span of time. No matter what age group you belong to, you probably have tried this game at least once in your life. Given the current restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is one of the most popular internet pastimes for people at homes.

Player Unknown’s Battle Ground is a Battle Royale format of gaming where 100 players land on to a location and gather all sorts of different weapons and supplies to execute their enemies in the attempt to ultimately emerge victorious and finally witness the phrase “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!”

Well, today we will let you all PUBG fans know some of the most simple yet critical tips and tricks that you can use to finally taste that victory chicken dinner. So, without any further ado, let us get down to it.

Choose Your Landing Spot Wisely

Choosing where you land on the map is a significant deciding factor towards your road to victory. You have to consider your level of expertise and a number of other factors instead of randomly landing on a spot you think might be nice.

If you are new to the game, it is highly recommended that you avoid landing spots such as Pochinki or Bootcamp. The loot may be better over there but the amount of players already landing over there would rarely let you survive long enough to get to them in time.

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Never Leave a Door Open behind You

Many of the players ignore the importance of open or closed doors in a PUBG match. You have to understand that they are more than enough to alert your enemies of your presence on that location. You may be tempted to get to a certain weapon as soon as possible but the open door behind you will alert your enemies of your presence and you won’t be able to enjoy that weapon for long.

Also, the door makes a certain sound when it is being opened or closed, so while you are busy looting items, an open door can allow your enemies to sneak up on you while you loot. On the other hand, if the door is closed, either the enemy will ignore this spot or even if they enter the premise, you will be alerted of their presence and so you can prepare for the ambush.

Always Keep Your Stamina Full

Throughout the map, there are numerous items spread out that can replenish your stamina. Apart from giving you a speed boost while you run, they also refill your health bar gradually. You must consume these items from time to time in order to keep up your stamina.

Furthermore, you have to decide which item is best suited for which situation. For instance, an adrenaline shot refills your stamina to the fullest but should be used with caution as it is comparatively harder to find. While energy drink and painkillers can found easily but do not have a significant impact on your stamina.

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Do Not Wander Off Solo

There are three ways you can enter a PUBG match: Solo, Duo, or a Squad. If you are playing Duo or Squad, it is very important that you stay close to your other teammates. Wandering off from your teammates too far can cause you to end up dead sooner than you hoped.

Also, other teams are probably staying together and if they attack, it would be a good idea to stay close to your teammates as they would be able to revive you before you are killed permanently.

Organize Your Backpack

With the auto pick function in the game, you will be picking up a lot of weapons, attachments, supplies, and more while you are looting. A point will come when you won’t be able to pick any more items because there is no more space in your backpack.

You have to constantly monitor your inventory and let go of items that are no more useful or only adding weight to your bag. For instance, different weapons use different ammo, you may have changed a weapon during a game but its bullets would still be in your backpack. You would need to manually remove them from your backpack to make room for the bullets that you need.

Headphones Are Critical

In addition to high-speed internet, headphones play a vital role in any PUBG match. In the game, you have to pay close attention to the sounds around you. For instance, you can only identify the sound of an enemy’s footsteps or a bullet being fired if you are wearing your headphones.

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The map may alert you of a footstep or bullet being fired around you, but you won’t be able to know exactly where it is coming from until you put on your headphones. This small factor can create the difference between surviving and ending up dead in a PUBG match.

Play Like a Pro!

Winning a PUBG match offers a satisfaction more than actually eating a chicken dinner. Many attempt to achieve this result on a daily basis but end up being disappointed. With the tips and tricks mentioned above, we are hopeful that you will be one step closer to getting that scrumptious chicken dinner. Also, we recommend you get a high-speed internet for a lag-free and smooth game.

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