Breathe Fresh Air With Using A Quality Face Mask For Pollution

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As the air is getting more and more dangerous to breathe, it is our responsibility to take the necessary steps to avoid pollution risks. Based on recent research that states that exposure to air pollution mainly causes a negative impact on your heart and lungs. Another report says that each year, more than 3 Million deaths occur across the world due to the rise in air pollution. To reduce air pollution, many numbers of cities have introduced various policies that include the “environmental police force” in Beijing, congestion charging in London, bike sharing in Paris, and more. Even though governments across the world have been taking steps for reducing air pollution, people also need to be aware of the air pollution along with the impact it causes on every living creature on earth. 

Major Impact

Recently, The American Lung Association has reported that a population of more than 133.9 million in the United States has been exposed to the unhealthy air condition each and every year. WHO or World Health Organization also states that about 4.2 million people die due to exposure to air pollution. Usually, most of the air pollution across the world comes from the industry, automobiles emissions, forest fire, and many other emissions. 

Importance Of Wearing A Face Mask

Now is the time to implement the new policy of reducing air pollution in the modern world. Many people show interest in better ways of reducing their air pollution in a much more efficient way. Wearing the nasal air filters is quite an essential option while going from one place to another. The main reason is that it prevents exposure to the worst air pollution and supplies clean air. Our lungs require fresh and pure air for improving its blood circulation so that it activates the whole body throughout the day. Breathing clean air mainly increases the immune system in your body. 

Risk Reduction Method

air pollution is usually made up of gases and tiny particles. Typically, these Gases include nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, sulfur dioxide. Of course, air pollution is also included with a large group of chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Usually, these gases could have harmful effects that include the negative health impact, which is below the size of 2.5 microns. One of the best ways to reduce the risk of inhaling these harmful gases is by wearing the invisible pollution mask

Limit Exposure To Pollutants

Usually, when you are wearing facemasks, it automatically limits the exposure of harmful gasses or pollutants. These masks have been created for easy protection against the particles, and the contaminant is filtered out by mask. Choosing the right quality invisible pollution mask would efficiently reduce the particles smaller than 0.3 microns. These masks also have the combined feature of preventing the gases and the harmful particles from entering into the lungs. It is easy to limit the exposure of pollutants and contaminants by using a pollution mask.

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Piyush Saxena is an established businessman. His company Clenare is renowned in the field of Nose filters. The company has been established with the intention of bringing new solutions to the Indian market. By developing for India first we then want to expand to the global market. An invisible pollution mask is one of the products.