Why People Prefer Skype Lite?

The Indian market has turned out to be extremely attractive to all the big tech firms, as they can spread their products for the emerging markets keeping India as a point of reference. As, most of the bigshots of the online world have come up with the lite versions of their application of late.

Recently, Microsoft-owned Skype has even joined this league by introducing Skype Lite, a simpler, quicker and lighter version of its actual telephony service. Exclusively introduced for India, Skype Lite is a bit under 13mb in size this application includes all the services, such as video calling, texting, voice calling plus Skype bots. The lite version of this is designed to supply an excellent Skype performance under difficult network conditions, use a lesser amount of data, lesser power consumption and allow more users to take benefit of free Skype to Skype calls. It is presented in seven local languages, which are Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu as well as Urdu.

Skype Lite comprises many new features that have been explicitly designed with Indian marketplace in mind. This consists of SMS filtering, mobile internet, and Wi-Fi usage monitoring and India dedicated Skype Bots that is a good holding from the original app. Moreover, one can also buy Skype credit with a debit card, credit and internet banking on this lite version.


What’s The Benefit of Skype Lite?

Just like other applications that are smaller versions of the actual apps, Skype Lite doesn’t consume much of your mobile data to send and receive messages and files or make and receive voice calls on the Internet. Skype Lite functions far more efficiently on 2G or under difficult network conditions, serving users with a more dependable, quality service.

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The irregular network in India is ever-present and such versions are certainly welcome for people who necessitate a version that does not consume too much mobile internet. What is more, Skype Lite uses a smaller amount of data and power by compacting large files like photos and video content and as a result, requires less battery consumption compared to the original mobile app.

Microsoft has also announced that the addition of Aadhaar unique identification number on the application will be possible from June 2017. This would allow verifying the identity of anonymous callers in a lot of circumstances where identification verification is necessary, including job interviews, real estate dealings, matrimony and much more.

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