What is the Purpose of Having two Modems?

Purpose of Having two Modems

If you want to get a fast internet connection, cable modems can play a part. If you have two cable modems, they can be combined in different ways to provide better internet to your home or office. Combining two modems can increase the bandwidth and internet connection speed. They can double the bandwidth if you provide them with their internet account from the internet service provider.

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There are multiple ways you can connect your two modems. These include:


If you have two modems but only one internet connection, you can combine the two by putting anyone’s modem into bridge mode, and then connect them physically with an Ethernet cable. It is useful if you want to have two separate networks in your workspace or home. This way, the modem will act as a router and will share your internet connection.

Many routers offer the same bridge feature at a lower rate and provide better bandwidth speeds and usage.

IP Settings

To connect two modems, you have to adjust the settings on them. First, connect one modem to your PC and the internet. Note down its subnet mask and IP address. Then, connect your computer to the other modem, go to settings, and find “DHCP Server”, and turn it off. Then select its static IP option and enter the IP address that you previously noted down, except the final number. Change it. Finally, in the subnet mask, enter the same number you noted down from the primary router and make no change.

Physical Connections

Another way to connect two modems is by combining them physically. For that, make sure that your modem is connected to the internet. Then, into one of its LAN ports, plug an Ethernet cable. Did you go through with Google Android 8.0 Oreo’s new features? If you want the devices to speak to each other on each network, take the secondary modem and plug in the other end of the same cable into its LAN port. If you do not want the devices to speak to each other, and share the internet connection, plug the cable into the WAN port of your secondary modem. This way, there will be a separation between both devices.

Benefits of connecting modems

If you have many people in the family to use the internet, adding a secondary modem not just gives better coverage but also improves internet speed and its overall performance. There are many benefits of setting up two modems on the same internet. Some of them include:

More connectivity

Your primary router has a limited number of ports for the devices to connect. It is mandatory to have the best data center service provider to get greater connectivity. If you add a secondary router, it will immediately provide additional ports that provide more device connectivity without the need for an additional network switch.

Instant Backup

In the case of two routers, if one of them suddenly fails, then you have a working modem as a backup.

Improved coverage

Adding a secondary modem can enhance existing Wi-Fi connection results in improving the signal quality. It will provide a stable signal strength to the far away devices.

Better support to all setups

Combining two routers is useful if you have a wired network connection at home and you want to connect some devices that use Wi-Fi. By doing this, your wired devices will connect with the primary modem, and all of your wireless devices would connect to the additional or secondary modem. Check it to migrate o365 account mailbox to another o365 account. This way, networks are unaffected by each other, and it will increase the overall performance.

Alternative to connect a secondary modem

Even though setting up a secondary router is no brain game. It is simple and easy. But there are some ways out there through which you can achieve the same result but without any additional modem, DHCP configuration, or IP address.

Network Switch

You can add a network switch instead of a modem. You can buy a network switch of any number of ports you need. It will add the number of ports to your modem, and you can connect more devices.

Wireless Access Point

In the case of WI-FI, you can add a wireless access point instead of a modem. These will make the signal quality better throughout your workspace or home.

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