How to Use Mail Merge to Grow Your Small Business

Mail Merge to Grow Your Small Business

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From Cold Emails to Networking, Mail Merge is a Can’t Skip Tool for Your Small Business or Startup. There are countless tools and services available to small businesses, but mail merge has to be one of the most important tools for helping a small business grow.

Modern mail merge options are easy to use and integrate with Google Sheets and other platforms and services that small business owners already know and love, making them an even more convenient option than the mail merge platforms of yesteryear.

At this stage in the game, there’s no reason to miss out on all of the benefits mail merge has to offer a small business. Looking for inspiration on how to get the most out of your favorite mail merge platform? Consider using mail merge to:

  • Send traditional cold outreach emails
  • Keep in touch with your professional network
  • Generate professional-looking printed documents

Sending Classic Cold Outreach Emails

Sending Classic Cold Outreach Emails

There’s a lot of negativity out there surrounding cold emails — it’s been said that cold emails are dead, or at the very least that they’re a waste of time because they just end up in recipients’ spam folders. While cold emailing is undeniably tough, it’s definitely possible to send an effective cold email, and for small businesses, it’s necessary.

Mail merge software takes some of the hassle out of cold emailing potential clients or partners. With the press of a button, you can create personalized outreach emails for everyone on your list that includes details such as:

  • The recipient’s name and title
  • A comment on the company or reference to some piece of background information
  • Customized questions for the recieipent
  • An offer or CTA specific to the recipient
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Keeping in Touch with Your Professional Network

The startup world moves fast. If your business is anything like most small businesses, that means you have new projects and initiatives starting all the time. Your professional network is full of supportive people who might be interested in hearing about, promoting, or getting involved in your mission. That’s amazing! But you can’t take advantage of those opportunities if you don’t maintain a relationship with the people in your professional network.

When you rely on mail merge to send updates to your professional network, you’re able to tailor content to fit your relationship with each individual and highlight projects that person might be interested in, and you can do it without writing completely unique emails to every person you know.

Create Professional-Looking Printed Documents

Professional-Looking Printed Documents

In addition to maintaining a strong online presence, it’s important to carry your small business’s branding and voice through every piece of documentation a potential client or partner might see. It both makes your company seem more professional (even in its very earliest stages) and also gives others a cohesive brand identity to remember, which is how brands become recognizable.

Luckily, you don’t have to shell out the big bucks to create beautiful documents. Mail merge is a great way to create professional-looking printed materials with your company’s branding, including items like:

  • Catalogs
  • Inventory lists
  • Invoices
  • Letters and envelopes to be sent via snail mail

Plus, you get the same benefit you always get with mail merge: the ability to easily customize documents with information about the recipient.

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Mail merge is an essential tool for small businesses. While it can be used to send cold outreach emails, it can also be used to grow your company in other ways. How do you use mail merge in your small business? We’d love to hear from you!