Tour of Israel with a Private Guide

Tour of Israel

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There are many options for traveling in Israel. You can want to travel and not arrive, you can arrive at a cruise ship and go for two guided days on the bus. Getting an organized 10-day trip is also a possibility. You can just come alone or with your family and look for what to do. But the best way to travel in Israel is with a private guide.

Your local guide will help you build a logical schedule. You can help your guide with every step of the planning and execution of the trip. Of course, his service costs money, but consider the price of what you get for the other options. The cheapest is to stay home, but if you have already come out we will look at what you get relative to what you pay. If you just choose to go somewhere and get along on your own that’s acceptable, but it wouldn’t be a shame to miss out on the most interesting sites? Wouldn’t it be a waste of time if you went to a site your friends came to find out that it was closed for renovations? How do you get from place to place? Do you know where there are traffic jams and when? Where to shop in the crowded downtown? Where are there good restaurants? What is the best sunset time observation?

You may come home, and then find out that the best places have been missed.

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The second cheapest option is to come with a group. This means, getting up when the group gets up, returning to the hotel when the group returns, entering the store only when the group comes in and where the group comes in. Going out in the evening, when the group is allowed to go out in the evening, and spending lots of hours on the bus with a group of people who are not sure that really interests you. And if you want to hear the guide, well he’ll talk about what he thinks is of interest to the group. Even so, the team is not his, those of the agent. So, you are not sure that you will get what you want or dream of.

But if you choose to travel with a private tour guide you can build your trip structure with him.

Keep up to date with the important news of the place. The guide will drive you from place to place so, you don’t have to worry about parking, or traffic jams. He will make sure you get to the best places and the most convenient times. Familiarize yourself with the most affordable restaurants and attractions, and make sure your time is best spent.

My Advice

If you are already on a trip to Israel, hire a private guide, and ensure yourself a memorable experience.

Author Bio :

The writer Eli Riskin is a tour guide in Israel with over 10 years of experience at Jewishisraeltours.