Top 10 Cheap Home Renovation Ideas for Your Old Home

Home Renovation Ideas

Home is an essential part of our lives. It is the place where you have to be at the end of the day to feel comfortable and relaxed. Hence, your home décor is extremely important as it shapes your mood, your attitude and reflects your taste as well. If you have been living in the same old home for years, then it is time to consider a renovation.

Are you a DIY person and want to save money in your home transformation? In this article, we will share with you some impressive Home Renovation ideas to make the most out of your buck while renovating your home.


  • Paint your Walls

Refresh your washed-out, worn-out walls with a burst of color. A coat of paint will rearrange your reality. You can do this yourself and save money on labor costs.

Cost: $ 150 (approx.)


  • Crown Molding

Crown Molding adds charm to your Home Renovation. You could do this in just a weekend and see how it transforms your home and turn it into an elegant space. This is a quick fix to make your home look like it is cared for. See how your friends will notice the difference and be awed.

Cost: $ 120 (approx.)


  • Get a Stair Runner

Many houses have the problem of slippery stairs. You could get rid of this by trying a DIY stair runner or installing a low-cost one. You could try using some off-the-shelf woven runners ($125 each) and some other supplies from a home center and creating a DIY runner. This way you could upgrade your stairs into a non-slip one and save a lot of money.

Cost: $300 (approx.)


  • Install a new Dishwasher

If you use an old dishwasher, then you are spending a fortune on your electric and water bills. It is time to switch to a new Energy Star qualified dishwasher. This way you would save more than $30 per year on your electricity bill and about 500 gallons of water. Now that is a huge figure! If you are someone who does dishes by hand, then you are using up 40 percent more water. Besides, no one wants to see dishes piled up in your sink. It is not aesthetic, instead, put your dishes in a dishwasher and save power and water. Did you know that you can install it yourself one fine afternoon?

Cost: $500 (approx.)


  • Rewire a Vintage Lantern

Many hanging lanterns from the early 20th century had beautiful designs and a hand-crafted look. If you have such lanterns in your garage or happen to come across these in yard sales, then you could put it back on and get it working. You just have to get all the parts and your home will be instantly upgraded affordably.

Cost: $140 (approx.)


  • Add Interior Shutters

Scorching sun rays streaming through the windows can be very distracting and annoying. Besides, you could also have uninvited stares by neighbors into your brightly lit rooms. Hence, you could try installing shades to get rid of unwanted prying eyes and the sun. Interior shutters come in different designs. You could try swinging wood shutters to add classiness to your home. This is a great way to add architectural and historical detail. These have to be attached to a thin frame and are pretty easy to install.

Cost: $150


  • Give a makeover to your Kitchen Cabinets

If the frames and doors of your kitchen cabinets are structurally strong, then you can just clean them up properly and add some new paint. On a weekend, your kitchen will become bright and lift your mood. Dark cabinets can suck out all the light of the room. You need a strong cleaner, some sandpaper, paintbrush, paint, and some elbow grease. This transformation can make a huge difference without costing much.

Cost: $200


  • Install a Beadboard ceiling

Popcorn ceilings ruin the look of your home. An elegant solution is to install beadboard ceilings. You just need beadboard from the local hardware store and cut it after taking measurements, then line it up.

Cost: $5 to $6 per square foot

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  • Install a Bathroom Vent Fan

If you find fogged-up bathroom windows, steamy mirrors and stale odors annoying, then you should get a ventilating fan in your bathroom. It will take away moisture-related problems like growth of mold and mildew which could cause serious health problems.

Cost: $125


  • Lay an Insulated Flooring

Experience the icy shock of a cold floor as soon as you get up in the morning could be pretty annoying. You need warmth as you walk around the house because doing chores on an icy floor could be extremely painful. Cork is durable, stylish and easy to install. It will easily turn your cool floors into a cozy haven. There are products available which snap together without glue or nails. Such a system will convert your floor into a comfortable mat where your feet will be happy to roam around without the fear of chill.

Cost: $6 per square foot


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