The Best Septic Tank Cleaners

Are you looking for septic tanks cleaners to get your septic tank clean? Septic tank cleaners are knowledgeable and experienced in septic tank cleaning, Septic tank pumping is necessary every two or three years to keeps the septic tank working smoothly. It will cost just about a few hundred dollars. If it is not done regularly then you may have to replace the septic tank paying $5000 -$10,000.

In urban areas the sewer system takesthe water to a central drainage system while in suburban areas each house has a septic tank where the sewer water goes. This septic tank needs to be emptied every two or three years for it to work hassle free. The capacity of the septic tank is based on the size of the home. The waste water from the bath-tubs, washing machines, showers, sinks and toiletsall goes into the septic tank.

What happens in Septic Tank?

A septic tank receives water from the buildings plumbing system. It treats and disposes the waste water and solid. The solid turns into sludge in the septic tank and is separated from scum and effluent. The effluent from the tank gets out into the drainfield where it is filtered by bacteria and enters into the ground water.

Sludge and Scum should not be allowed into the drainfield and must be regularly pumped out. A septic tank needs to be inspected once a year as soon as the house goes for sale. It will help in improving the value of the home and there will not be any liability issues that will result from malfunctioning septic tank. Buyers should always insist on septic system inspection before buying a home if it was not done before.

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A Septic Tank Inspection

Whatever happens during the inspection of a septic tank depends on the inspector. There are two types of septic system inspections. One is a visual inspection and the other is a full inspection when the tank is pumped out. The visual inspection is carried out by home inspectors. A septic company may do a visual inspection if the home owner is not interested in a septic inspection but is just doing it to please the mortgage company.

The visual inspection involves running water in the house and flushing the commodes. The tank may not be located and opened unless the access lid is already exposed.

Full Inspection of Septic Tank

A full inspection of the Standard septic tank as well as the low pressure dosing system is done during full inspection. In this case the tank is opened and the level of liquid is checked. This will show if the tank has a leak or it is over full. If the level of water is normal, water is released in the house to see if water is flowing from the house to the tank and from there to the absorption area.

The liquid level in the tank should not rise nor should there be any effluent surfacing over any part of the system. Then the tank is pumped to check the backflow from the absorption area. This will show if the absorption area is absorbing the waste water that is released. If it does, it shows that everything is connected to the system and there are no blockages.

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