The Role of Office Cleaning In Keeping Your Workers Motivated and Energised

Office Cleaning

We all passing through a troubled time, where Covid-19 is taking away all our freedoms and disturbing our normal life. Whichever country you might have been in, every country imposed a lockdown to fight against this pandemic.

But now it is time to fight back and as a result of that most of the countries are easing their lockdown norms to spin the economic wheel once again. During this time, the majority of us are accustomed to working from home and transitioning back to the office environment is going to be difficult.

By difficult we meant the health and hygiene concern in an office environment. There need to be certain measures taken when it comes to office cleaning and maintaining a clean environment. Proper measures which boost employee’s confidence and morale are essential.

Why in the current scenario office cleaning is important?

Proper hygiene and social distancing are the only way to keep ourselves away from harm’s way in Covid-19 scenario. The mindset of employees will be different when it comes to performing daily activities. Thus, offices need to adhere to strict guidelines when it comes to maintaining hygiene and implementing social distancing norms.

The following is the list of ways which can help in keeping your workers motivated and energised:

Limit the Surfaces which needs to be Touched

The main reason behind the spreading of any disease or virus is by touching the contaminated surface. You can tackle this problem by making some logical changes in the office setup which help you limit touching. Office doors don’t need handles and it can be easily operated with the help of push via your foot or shoulder. You can also install motion lights in the entire working space, especially the bathroom. When it comes to bathroom faucets, you can install motion sensor-controlled type to limit the physical touching.

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Using Technology

One needs to be open to all sorts of changes in the working policy. If your company didn’t promote remote work option, then it’s time to think about it. Devise a plan which can collaborate both, technology and remote work to its full potential. You can give the option of working from home, to employees who are afraid of catching any disease in the current scenario. You can incorporate video conferencing to limit the large crowded important meetings. You can provide them with company laptops, tablets, and phones so that they have the flexibility to work either way.

Choose Furniture which is Easy to Clean

The present scenario has emphasised more on keeping hygiene as the most important routine. Office furniture is used by all the employees. It needs to be clean daily. You need to invest your money on that furniture which can be cleaned easily. This simplifies the process of cleaning personnel which comes before or after our working hours is done.  A clean environment is a confidence booster and choosing the right furniture can does the trick.

Cleaning the Office Space

Many things are going to change post-COVID-19. Many offices used to follow alternate days cleaning schedule. But now you need to change that norm. Hire a cleaning crew which helps in disinfecting everything around the office which might be contaminated. You should keep a tab on the cleaning products used by them to ensure its viability. You also need to see whether they cleaning places such as a refrigerator or copy machines properly or not. This equipment gathers the highest traffic in the office.

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Installing Sanitizer

As we discussed in the above, maintaining proper hygiene is important for keeping the working environment motivated and energised. You must install sanitizers in all the shared spaces such as conference rooms, reception, etc. It is important to install them in showcasing your intent to keep the office environment clean. It also highlights your intentions of keeping the health of the employees as your priority. Install them in easily accessible places such as doors, tables, etc.

Encourage Employees to clean their Workstation

Employers need to encourage employees to maintain some cleanliness when it comes to their workstation. You can do so by making your employees disinfecting the surfaces which are frequently touched. Workstation consists of keyboard, mouse, desk, etc.; and an employee should maintain their workspace. As an employer, you need to see to it that, you provide your employees with disposable cleaning wipes to clean the surface.

Washing Hands

You need to promote and highlight the importance of hand wash as much as possible. During this pandemic phase, it is important to keep our hands clean as much as possible. Create some interesting and funny fact sheet to promote hand wash. Explain when one should clean their hand and list out all the activities such as after using the bathroom, before and after eating food, etc. By doing so, the employee will be motivated by the efforts taken by the management and it will also impart some knowledge.

Final Thoughts

It is the responsibility of an employer to keep the workspace motivated and energised. And to make that happen needs some extra efforts in terms of office cleaning. The above-mentioned ways which help you to achieve your target of making the office environment safe and sound.

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