The Right Supplements: Getting the Right Mix for Your Health

Supplements and their intake usually face a lot of heat. But despite the debate, there are many supplements which can do wonders for your health. There aren’t many diets which can be called perfect, i.e., the ones that provide you with all the nutrients that you need. Supplements are, therefore, able to provide the balanced diet that your body needs.

There are many examples in our daily life that could explain why our food is unable to fulfill our micronutrients needs. The oxalates present in the herbal teas limit the availability of Iron and Calcium to our body.

Similarly, having iron and Calcium together does not allow the body to absorb calcium properly. Therefore, it is never a good idea to have Milk products and eggs together.

This is why having high-quality nutrient supplements will ensure that these things are looked out for and your body is able to absorb all the nutrients it needs one way or the other. However, it is necessary that you check the label of the supplements and their nutrient content before buying.

It is also recommended to get advice from your doctor about the kind of supplements you should be consuming.

The Top Supplements Your Body Needs

Here are different types of supplement and why you need them for your body:

  1. Pre-workout supplements:

It doesn’t matter why you are hitting the gym, a pre-workout supplement is a must. Whether you looking to tone your body and decrease your weight or build your muscles, a pre-workout supplement is able to Boost Your energy during the workout.

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The pre-workout supplements are usually loaded with caffeine, creatine monohydrate, and L-citrulline and L-arginine. They help you focus more on your workout, fill you up with the extra energy to push yourself, and maintain your heart rate after the workout.

  1. Whey Protein supplements:

The two kinds of proteins found in milk are known as casein and whey. Whey protein makes up the 20% of the share whereas casein is 80%. Whey protein is absorbed by the body faster than other forms of protein. Therefore, it reacts with the amino acids at a much faster rate and is able to break down fat. Whey protein is thus, a very important supplement if one wants to get rid of excess fat. 

  1. BCAA supplements:

BCAAs are primarily known as branched chain amino acids. These are the kind of amino acids which constitute about 35% of the body is muscle protein and ironically, are not generated by our body itself. Therefore, one has to rely on food and supplements to get them.

The presence and growth of these amino acids are especially important for people who work out a lot and wish to have a muscular body. BCAAs are able to store glycogen during a workout, thus, providing you the extra energy you may need. When taken after the workout along with carbs, they perform even better by enhancing the protein recovery of the muscles.

  1. Creatine Supplements:

Creatine is largely found in meat and therefore, people who consume a lot of meat may not require the supplement as much. However, vegetarians who work out a lot can make use of the supplement to keep the energy levels high.

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People deficient in the ATP can make use of the creatine supplements as they serve as a phosphate provider for the body. Since the molecule is the one that gives the body most of its energy, its deficiency can especially tire people who do high-intensity exercises.

As a result, the supplement acts like a powerhouse of energy and allows people and athletes to perform better during their training. It also reduces the acidity produced in the muscles due to the training and prevents any cramps.

  1. Antioxidants:

Antioxidants are the much-needed finishing supplements for the ones working out to reduce the fat in their body. Antioxidants are multi nutrient-rich supplements consisting of vitamins, minerals, and flavonoids. People looking to build their bodies and reduce their fat content usually do not intake many antioxidants and their diet.

The supplements do the required job of working against the oxidization caused in the body by too much exercise. Not only do they reduce the oxidization in the muscles, but also help in improving the metabolism of the body.

Author Bio :

This post was submitted by William Munir, Chief Marketing Officer of Destine Nutrition, a supplement company specializing in smarter ways to live a healthier and more productive life.