5 Smart Ways To Keep Your Florida Home Cool This Summer

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Just like their counterparts living in different corners of Florida, homeowners in Largo are no stranger to the sweltering summer heat. Based on the data provided by Current Results, a website updating users about the weather details of states, cities, and countries, Largo is exposed to 246 days of sunshine in a year.  That is more than 60 percent of heat and uneasiness coupled with high humidity levels. Summer is the time to have fun – a splash in the pool, lounging on the beach, chilling out at theme parks, or enjoying a vacation in the mountains. But the season also brings a lot of discomfort to your home, which is why you need a professional AC repair expert in Largo to boost up your cooling unit. In addition to HVAC maintenance, here are five clever ways to cool your home and reduce electricity bills:

1. Toss up Barbeque Meals Outdoor

In summer, it is time to get creative with your cooking. You might be wondering what it has to do with cooling your home. The use of your oven or cooktop can increase the indoor temperature significantly. The kitchen heat and humidity escaping into the house at the peak of summer add more to the discomfort level. So once you’re through with seasoning the pork chops and chili-glazing the chicken ribs, take them to your backyard to barbeque the meat on the grill. This way, you can keep the heat outdoors without making your AC work harder during the summer.

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2. Close the Window Blinds during Daytime

It may seem a little unnatural to block natural light on a sun-drenched day. But you can always close the window curtains, blinds, and drapes in those parts of your house that receive maximum sunlight during the day. This trick will help reduce excessive heat buildup in those sunny pockets of your home. Also, use light-colored curtains or thermal-backed window blinds to cool your house by blocking the afternoon heat. Keeping the curtains open will only allow more heat to enter your home, making your AC work longer and inflating your electricity bills.

3. Plant Trees and Shrubs around Your House

Growing trees, bushes, vines, and shrubs will help to keep the heat away from your home’s roof and walls. You can even plant shrubs on the patio to create cool spots around your house. A lot of greenery will keep the air cool. When the sunrays fall on the leaves, the plants let go of the oxygen, water, and gas, resulting in evaporation. And this process helps in absorbing the surrounding heat.  Planting trees and shrubs on the west and north wing prove beneficial in cooling down your home.

4. Care for the Outdoor HVAC Unit

Did you know that your neglect can significantly affect the performance and efficiency of your outdoor AC unit? So perform a reality check and ensure that it is clear of dust, dirt, leaves, twigs, and debris. Keeping the outdoor component under  shade will increase the performance of your AC by five to 10 percent. And if you have been using the same cooling system for more than a decade, it’s time to replace it with a new one. That is because outdated or old units consume 30 to 70 percent more power than energy-efficient HVAC models.

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5.Let the Fans Turn Anticlockwise

Allow the ceiling fans to rotate anticlockwise to keep the cold air off the floor. When fans turn clockwise, the hot air descends on you, making you feel warm and uncomfortable. Set the fan in this manner when you are in the room. With the temperatures soaring abnormally high during summer, you tend to lower the temperature of your cooling unit more, which makes your AC work harder. Get your cooling unit tuned-up by an AC repair expert in Largo to optimize its efficiency.   Also, try these tips for a cooler house and sound sleep during the night.

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