How to Proofread Your Dissertation In Simple Steps?

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Hours of writing, researching, reading, revising, and finally, you did it! Your dissertation is ready! But is it actually ready for submission? A great dissertation is incomplete without proper proofreading. Writing a lengthy document like dissertations is not so straightforward. You might have misspelled many words, missed punctuations and some grammatical mistakes. Proofreading your dissertation gives you a chance to remove such errors from it. You can keenly observe your writing, cross-check the references, review if the data is accurately presented or not and check for any other inconsistencies in your writing.

Now, that you know the reason why it is essential to proofread each and every page of your dissertation you might be thinking how you can make the tedious process of proofreading an easy one. Well, proofreading is a task that actually requires your time and some efforts. If you think you are unable to put such efforts you can always go for dissertation editing services and with these simple steps, you will be able to triumph over this task smoothly.

Review your guidelines once again

Your University might have provided you with some guidelines on dissertation writing. Go through them once again and then review your dissertation. This will help you in finding any elements that were missed by you while writing the dissertation. You can also see if there is anything that you have put in your dissertation but it is not required and you can cut that out. Some universities also provide proofreading guidelines to the students. So, make sure that you go through them before you start proofreading your dissertation.

Give yourself enough time to proofread

Make sure that there is some gap between the completion of the dissertation writing task and the final submission so that you can get enough time to proofread. Many professional proofreaders suggest that students should take a break of a few days before starting the proofreading work. This allows their mind to forget what all they have written and that they will be able to find a number of inconsistencies in the text quite easily.

Seek help from the Professionals

If you are finding it difficult to manage the proofreading task on your own, you should seek help from a professional proofreader. The dissertation editing services in the UK have people who are language experts and can easily spot errors in the text. You can discuss with them about your proofreading requirements, time constraints and the cost that would be involved in the proofreading work. They would generally give you an estimate based on the word count of your dissertation.

Find the method that suits you

Do not expect that you will be able to proofread your whole dissertation in one go. The best way to proofread is to divide the dissertation into different parts and concentrate on one part at a time. Also, determine how you want to proofread. Some students prefer taking out printouts of their dissertation and marking different areas with a red pen while others prefer editing the dissertation on the computer itself. So experiment and find which method suits you.

Read, Read, Read

You might not be able to get all the errors in one go. So make several passes through your dissertation and in each pass you can target a specific type of error. Also, the more you read the easier it will be to find out the inconsistencies in your writing. Here are different examples of what type of errors you can target in each pass.

  • Matching the headings and subheadings with the table of contents
  • Checking the diagrams and tables mentioned
  • Checking the references
  • Checking the appendices
  • Checking the spellings and grammar

Plagiarism Check

A major aspect of proofreading is removing the plagiarized content from it. Plagiarism issues arise when you are using someone else’s work in your dissertation without giving them a credit for it and if not taken care of, it can land you in troubles. Not only for text, but plagiarism also applies to any images, graphs, tables or charts that you are using without crediting their sources. You can take help from the companies which provide dissertation help in UK. They have sophisticated tools to identify and remove the plagiarized content from the dissertation.

Check the Referencing Style

It is really important that you use the referencing system recommended by your university or your dissertation supervisors. This is so because every referenced format follows a different style. There are different referencing styles such as the author-date system where titles are ordered alphabetically, the numbering systems or the short-title system where note numbers are used to mark the reference text. Learn about the referencing format that you have to use and cross check while proofreading your dissertation that you have always referenced in the same style only.

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