How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Preparing?

Procrastination is not a condition just for school-goers. Everybody procrastinates. When writers deviate from their profession by doing so, it is actually called writer’s block. This feeling (procrastination) is most commonly characterized by being unable to concentrate on a task at hand without daydreaming or unconsciously doing something else or fidgeting. This is often accompanied by a conscious realization that the job is not being done, which obviously induces a whirl of guilt within you. Procrastination is essentially a cyclic, unproductive guilt trip!

You know that you have your assessments, tests, and examinations (or, in the tensest case, a competitive examination) to prepare for. But procrastination has you in its clutches and will not let you go. So how do you start? What is the secret of all the productive, procrastination-free people in the world?

Well, here are some tips on how to start procrastinating that you can use to habituate yourself to preparing without mentally (or even physically, for that matter) wandering off and doing something else.

Not 100%, but 90%

When we are told to give our 100%, we tend to get nervous and tense, which could really damage our ability or willingness to fulfill a task accurately. Always keep in mind to give it all of your 90% instead. It is actually proven that you perform better in instances where you have to try less!

Baby Steps and Deadlines

Start off with baby steps. Accomplish small pieces of preparation at a time, and set yourself strict deadlines for when to finish by and when to end your breaks by. This will bring in the sense of discipline, and you will be motivated by the thought of your next break to complete preparing for the initial time period. Beware, though! Do not do a haphazard job of working in anticipation of your break. That is something you must be honest with yourself about.

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Away with the Distractions

Put away all the things that have the potential to distract you. In cases when the preparation is vital, procrastination makes everything other than the task at hand entertaining. So get rid of all of those toys and books and devices!

A Dedicated Place

Assign yourself a place to study that is free of your distractions. Shifting around too much can distract you and make you squirm. Make sure you pick a quiet place with adequate lighting and space for you to be able to use all of your books and instruments. Also be sure that it is not a place that is too cozy! We do not want you falling asleep in your place!

The Right Time

We all have periods of the day during which we learn best. For most people, early morning is the best time, since the mind is refreshed and ready to accept new information without hassle. Assign yourself a couple hours in a day when you are your most fresh, and create your effective study schedule within those hours.

Rewards for Focus

Much like your breaks, you can set yourself little goals for every segment of preparation done. Allow yourself 10 minutes on your phone. Maybe 10 minutes playing the guitar. When you have completed larger segments of work, treat yourself to some food or maybe a little video gaming or TV watching!

No Stressing

Whatever the situation, do not stress. Stress is counterproductive to your work, and you already know it. Look at it logically: you know stress with only cause more stress because it will, first of all, stop you from preparing well. What is the point of stressing? As long as you are working and accomplishing your tasks, you have nothing to worry about. If you’re preparing for the exams like IAS,IES or UPSC you should take care about this

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Entertain Yourself Through Study

Prepare in a way that you like. You could take notes, doodle your understanding, or use mnemonics and funny abbreviations to remember things. Learn in the way you most like, because only you are in charge of how you prepare!


Some people like to play music while they work. It helps them focus! Play music that will not hinder your productivity and motivation, but boosts it. And be sure that you do not blast it out loud because in that case, you will get far too caught up in jamming to it than working!

Your Diet and Exercise

Most importantly, maintain a good, nutritious diet, and get plenty of exercises, take walks or go for runs, and stay hydrated as well. Your health is the most vital when it comes to preparing because your body needs nourishment to harness the energy to work.

With all of this in mind, and with perseverance you will be able to focus on your activities better. Procrastination is a play of mind, much like other forms of laziness, deal with your mind and you will be victorious!