Learn Time Management Tips to Boost Your Productivity

Time Management Tips

Just merely thinking that you will be working again tomorrow makes you feel tired and exhausted. Most of the time, you feel frustrated if you haven’t completed enough work in a day. 

Are you having these feelings over and over again? Pause and think.

Perhaps there is something wrong with how you manage your time. Time management is the key to boost your productivity. 

Those who are into e-commerce business or any businesses know that managing time effectively is the secret to boost productivity. The question is, how will you do it effectively?

Below are tips on how to manage your time correctly to boost your productivity. Some tips might be familiar to you, and maybe you have used it before. But do you see results? If not, then perhaps you have done it wrongly.

Create a Schedule and Make Sure You Follow It

Usually, people use the calendar as a reminder for their meetings or upcoming events. But, you can likewise utilize it for scheduling your tasks. It prompts you to keep focused on your jobs so that you can finish them on time. Besides, it also gives a warning sign to others that you do not want to bother you. 

By doing this, you can quickly drive away any distractions that can affect your productivity. If you are not waiting for any important call, setting your phone into silent mode can help. Also, close your email app unless you need it for work. 

Schedule your tasks during the time when you feel you are more productive. You should make it a habit to check your schedule before you start working, not on the task someone asks you to do. 

Set Deadlines to Each Task

After creating a schedule for all the tasks you need to do today, you need to set the deadlines. By putting a deadline on your job, you are forced to complete it on time, and your scheduling will be a disaster. Place a note somewhere in your workplace where you can easily see it to remind you of the deadline. 

If your boss or client set the deadline for the project within two days, do your best to finish it one day ahead of time. If you cannot do that, at least a few hours away from the set deadline. Each time you meet a deadline, it would be best if you reward yourself.

Track Your Time 

To make sure your schedule is being followed, make sure to time track your time with time tracking software. You can monitor the amount of time you spent on every task and keep an online time report. One can review it after completing the job if needed. 

Estimate the time you will need on a particular task to complete it. You can use subtask to accurately managing your time. 

Take Breaks

Do not forget to add this to your schedule. Working continuously without a break can quickly burn you out. You need to restore your energy and release the tension that has been accumulated while working. Around ten minutes break for every two to three hours of work is enough to feel refresh and focus again. 

Some would say that they cannot take a break because they are busy. Keep in mind that being busy will not make you productive. It can stress you out and feel tired. Taking frequent breaks can revive your energy and boost productivity. As a result, more tasks will be completed within the day.

Avoid Procrastination

People are having a hard time dealing with procrastination. Some are not aware that they are doing it. Procrastination affects your productivity. What are these things that disrupt your work? 

One is your cellular phone. If you place it within your working area, you will be tempted to check on it every a few minutes. Five or ten minutes on the phone every 30 mins will take away 20 minutes in an hour. And if you add all for 8 hours of your work, it is equivalent to 2 hours and 20 minutes. That is the number of hours you have wasted. 

Usually, procrastination is the result of being bored or overwhelmed with work. You can engage in fun activities that will not use up a lot of your time. By doing this, you can restore your energy and focus. 


If you are working in a team, dividing the work to other members can help the group complete more jobs. Thru this, you will be able to take some load off on your shoulder and focus on other essential tasks. 

End Thoughts 

Each one of us deals with time management differently. It is a good thing as we have different situations and work. If you have designed your time management schedule, make an assessment. Does it help in increasing productivity? If not, then you better make some changes right now. If you are not applying any time management system yet, you can start doing it now

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Author Bio :

Lori Wade is a journalist from Louisville. She is a content writer who has experience in small editions. Lori is now engaged in news and conceptual articles on the topic of business. Time management is critical to career success, that is why she uses the online time report to stay in the lead at all times.