What Makes People Buy Shoes Even When They’re Expensive?

Fashion is indeed one of the things that people give value and put effort on. It has played an important part of people’s lives, talking about culture and lifestyle. There has been a lot of innovations and trends since fashion was born, but until today, regardless of what’s ‘hot’, shoes never go out of the special place in people’s hearts. They’re part of the fashion, of the ‘clothing’ combinations, but some things are totally unique about shoes that make them different from any other clothing and clothing accessories.

Why? Why do shoes attract a lot of feet, eyes and wallets? Why do people buy a new pair even when they don’t really need it? Why do they get a lot of attention? Well, there are many possible reasons as to why shoes have a special place in people’s hearts — as to why they magnet a lot o’ hearts out there! By shoes, I mean all kinds, whether it be high heels or sneakers.

1 – Everybody’s In It!

One of the main reasons that very much applies today is the hype! Yes, everyone’s in it actually! If not everyone, well, most people are! Maybe a sub-reason of this reason is the influence people also get from celebrities, well known personalities and social media influencers. That adds to the innate hype! Social media has played a huge role in the hype that exists in the shoes industry. They excite, entice and encourage people to buy shoes or at least aim to do so. Probably that’s also why many imitate branded shoes — because many are interested!

2 – Heights Up, Confidence Follows

Not all, but most shoes add height. They lift you from the ground even a bit, and you know that that bit can change a shy you to a confident one.

3 – Eye on Exclusivity

People are not fond of knowing that they have the same clothes with someone else especially with someone they know. For some, it’s cool, but just for some.

For shoes, it’s not really easy to see people who has the same shoes as you. Well, of course it depends on the shoes brand and its hype. One of the things that people love about shoes is the uniqueness and exclusivity they have as they use it. They can’t be easily seen unless the mall has complete set of shoe models. There are shoe models which are of limited offer only too, and that’s when a higher level of exclusivity arises. Tops and bottoms (clothes) rarely or don’t have this exclusivity because when everybody buys that same top that has just arrived, then everyone will look like wearing a uniform. If it’s about shoes, then it’s a different talk. You get really proud after buying that famous pair of shoes which not many can avail.

4 – Color Power

There’s something in shoe colors that make you “wow” at them! Nude color is different when it’s on a jacket, and it’s different when it’s on shoes. There’s some unique power shoes obtain due to its color. However, simply, people buy shoes because of the color; they love the color. That’s it.

5  – Comfort, Always

Many shoe models and brands promote not just the physical appearance but also the inside, the composition and the materials used. This is one of the most important considerations of people in buying shoes. For some, it doesn’t matter if it’s a bit pricey as long as it allows them to walk and run comfortably and confidently, then it’s a go! They don’t want to regret buying cheap shoes over and over again just because they buy low quality ones to “save” when in fact, summing up all the cheap equals buying one genuine, long-lasting pair of shoes.

6 – Calling All the Loyals!

People, especially the sneakerheads, have this ‘loyalty’ to the brand they’ve always wanted and supported.  In shoes terms, that means people buy shoes just because it’s their all-time favorite brand. You might have one brand whose reputation you’re willing to support and protect at all costs — that is brand loyalty. Some become brand ambassadors because they actively and loyally participate in all events and avail products of that brand while plugging its name and image! It’s like food; you have your favorite — that one you’re almost not willing to share or not at all.It’s just like loving humans; even when there are other choices, you still choose to stay with the only one you’re loyal to. *drops mic* Darling, that is brand loyalty.

7 – Mood Lifter

You’re mood might change knowing you spent too much money on shoes, however, you’ll realize that you got what you paid for if you didn’t settle for less. New shoes make the heart happy. Aside from the confidence added to you because of your height, there’s a gleeful feeling that you’re wearing clean new shoes. And realizing that you can wear the same thing everyday and as long as you want to and as how you want to makes you even happier. They’re not like polos, blouses, skirts and pants that you have to change and wash everyday, and knowing that lessens your stress too. If you’re stressed about your top and bottom, your shoes are just one step away, you just have to wear them because obviously, they’re also easier to match with anything honestly.

8 – State Your Status

For some, especially for those who are shoe collectors, buying shoes and wearing them tell something about who and what they are. It forms image and identity. It somehow tells others about your tastes, your being updated to the current crazes and styles, your influence, your money, your family, your status. For some, shoes are just shoes; for some, they’re life.

9  – Bringing Home Some History

Getting “in” the trend isn’t enough for some; being relevant complete it. Some shoes attract people due to their historical relevance, and where does that history come from? From the people who wear that pair — of course, shoes can’t be relevant without them being used. Shoes worn by a basketball star player or a beauty queen are among the “historical” ones. They might be auctioned or sold for a really unreasonable (for some) price. The historical significance may be personal for the owner or a breakthrough in his/her career. Let’s say those high heels being sold were worn by the country’s Miss Universe when she won last year or those kicks were worn by a famous basketball player when he got his first ever MVP award.

10 – Game Changer

I want to call shoes a game changer since it makes a lot of difference to fashion, and this is probably one of the reasons why they are so dear. Before, dresses are supposed to make girls look really girly and graceful as they are paired with high heels and wedges. Today, dresses can be worn with sneakers, and they make every girl look very differently. Before, pants are mostly matched with sneakers and rubber shoes. Today, girls can even wear high heels on them, and it makes them look casually smart and long-legged. What I’m trying to say here is that shoes makes all the difference for you, your look and your vibe. Shoes transform you in a way you want your style to be transformed. They change the game and in all probability, takes away what’s lame.

It’s very obvious that shoes are not like the clothes like shirts and pants. Unlike them, shoes aren’t usually bought in bunches — well, maybe not for those who are wealthy shoes addicts who have no space left for their tons of money at home. Shoes are really special in such a way that they’re not similar to those you can just buy after a day or two. You’ll also notice that whenever shoes are creatively and professionally photographed and posted online, they make a different impact unlike when dresses, blouses and polos are shot. For clothes you put on to cover your body, there has to be a model or mannequin for you to see it’s beauty; for shoes, however, they’re appealing even when you just place them on top of the table, even when no one’s wearing them.

And at the end of all the reasons, people buy shoes even when they’re expensive not necessarily because they need it but because they want it. You see, some people buy new pairs even when they don’t have to, but because they like or even love it, they’ll buy it, whatever the cost may be.

Author Bio :

Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Mode Collective, a women's shoe and leather accessories brand in Australia. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts . “To God be the glory”