12 Things That You Should Not Do In Paris!


Watch out! There are things that you should not do while visiting Paris and enhancing your knowledge about them is very important otherwise you fail to make the most out of your Paris visit. In Paris, there are dozens of tourists attraction hence you should make your visit more memorable.

Smart tourists are the ones who plan their visit of Paris properly and it means that you should know what not to do in Paris thus you enjoy your visit to Paris. Getting knowledge about Paris as much as you can is a good practice and you can check the official website of Paris to find everything about Paris.

This post manifests things that you should not do during your visit to Paris. Followings are those things hence you should go through them carefully.

1.     You Can Enter Louvre For Free Under Certain Conditions

Yes, you can enter Louvre for free under certain conditions. Here they are:

  • You are below 18
  • You aim to visit it on July 14 “free entry on this day”
  • You visit on the first Sunday of a month between October and April “free entry on this particular Sunday” in mentioned time period”.

2.     Traveling By A Train Without A Ticket

The rules and regulations are very strong in this city hence you should not think of boarding the train without buying a ticket. Traveling by a train without a ticket may get you a huge fine therefore you should be careful in this regard. The writing experts of Essay service UK also ask people to travel by a train with having a ticket.

3.     Spending Money On Bottled Water

You do not need to spend money on bottled water as you find various Wallace Fountains to drink water in Paris. It also saves your money throughout the visit to Paris. You can also carry a water bottle and fill it when it gets empty at Wallace Fountains.

4.     Eating Dinner In Touristy Places

Dining out in touristy places may put a huge burden to your pocket hence you should prefer eating where natives live such as 20th  or 16th quarters where you can find the local foods and they are not expensive compared to the food in touristy places.

5.     Arguing With Locals In Paris

Arguing on anything with locals in Paris can be terrible for you therefore; you should always interact with natives in a polite way. The famous actress “Scarlett Johansson” has become a victim of rude behavior of natives in Paris.  It is to make it clear that not every native in Paris is rude and interacting with them in a polite way can make things easy for you during your visit to Paris.

6.     Buying Ticket On The Spot

It is the biggest mistake many tourists make during their visit to Paris. One thing is very sure that you find long lines to buy tickets on the spot for various attractions and it wastes your time a lot. Therefore, you should consider buying tickets online in order to avoid the long lines.

7.     Taking The Stairs At The Abbesses Metro Station

If you have breathing problem so it is better that you take elevator rather than taking stairs at Abbesses Metro Station. You should know that this particular station has long stairs and elderly people cannot take these long stairs. It means that you should prefer taking elevator when you reach at Abbesses Metro Station. If you like climbing, why not read an informative piece about Mera peak climbing?

8.     Ignoring To Visit A Cafe At The Boulevard Saint-Germain

You should sit at a café on the Boulevard Saint-Germain as it is the ideal place in order to witness the Parisian life and you like spending more time there. You cannot ignore this outstanding place in Paris and you should make up your mind for that.

9.     Ignoring To Book A Night Cruise

You should not ignore to book a night cruise if you really wish to make the most out of your Paris visit. As you book it so you witness the awesome lights’ reflection on the water of Paris. It is what you remember throughout your life. It means that never mistake to avoid booking a night cruise during your Paris visit. Did you ever visit the great lakes cruise?

10.     Avoiding To Visit Rue Montorgueil

Ignoring to visit this particular place is the biggest mistake therefore you should not ignore to visit it. It is the awesome place for dinning out and you enjoy a lot. You also find perfect Italian food and with that you also find dozens of other foreign delicacies. It means that you should not miss out to visit Rue Montorgueil in Paris.

11.     Spending Enough Time At The Eiffel Tower

One thing is very clear that visiting Paris is not all about spending time at the Eiffel Tower. It is clear that wasting time on the boring track near the Eiffel Tower is not a good thing and it gets you nothing. Therefore, you should consider visiting the neighborhoods, talk to locals and make your visit to Paris memorable.

12.     Ignoring To Learn Basics Of French Language

In order to interact with natives, you should learn the basics of French language otherwise it becomes very difficult for you to talk to local vendors, waiters hence you should learn the basics of French language. However, learn a new language is not so easy but can learn. It is essential to know that in France, natives prefer speaking their own language and speaking French with them improves your fluency thus next time you visit France so you do not have a language barriers. As you Google out so you find lots of useful apps that can assist you to learn French language.

The aforementioned are few things that you should avoid doing while visiting Paris otherwise you fail to make the most out of your visit. Planning your visit to Paris with considering these don’ts is a good idea so gear up for that and make your visit to Paris memorable. Smart tourists are the ones who stay away from all these don’ts every time they visit Paris.

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