Tips for Keeping Your Shoes from Smelling Like Dirty Feet

Tips for Keeping Your Shoes from Smelling

The problem of shoes smelling like dirty feet is widespread. Causes of smelly shoes may be; bacterial infection, sweating, an injury, or other issues like athlete’s feet.

Smelly shoes can be very embarrassing, especially when one needs to take off their shoes publically. Imagine a person with smelly shoes visiting family, and they are forced to take their shoes off. Times like these could be extremely embarrassing to an individual that is suffering from stinky feet.

What are the tips for keeping your shoes from smelling like dirty feet?

The following tips are homemade and can assist a person who suffers from smelly feet. Use sodium bicarbonate (baking soda): Baking soda is capable of swiping the odor right out of a set of smelly shoes, making it one of the best holistic remedies for the problem. All one needs to do is to sprinkle some baking soda inside the shoes before putting them on.

Use of anti-static sheet

Deodorizing shoes takes time and an arsenal of supplies. Another household supply that works excellent is fabric softening sheets. The sheet can be left in the shoes overnight to absorb the bad smell. An anti-static sheet can also be used inside the shoes when one is wearing them. This method is suitable for those that are participating in sports.

Common table salt

Salt is another popular remedy for smelly shoes. Shoes can be very smelly, especially when worn without socks. Sprinkling some salt in each shoe before wearing them can be very helpful in ridding the shoes of bad smell. Salt can also be sprinkled in the socks. If you are wearing specialized socks or socks with arches like Archtek Socks  & buy shoes available online, you will probably not experience this problem related to not wearing socks.

Blue-gum oil

Blue-gum trees (eucalyptus) produce oils that are very useful in fixing your stinky shoe problem. They leave the shoes with a fresh smell. There are two ways in which one can use the blue-gum oil. One can either apply the oil on a piece of paper or put it in the shoes overnight. Another way is by applying the oil directly to the feet.

Alcoholic drinks

Whiskies and other types of liquor can also assist with the problem of shoes smelling like dirty feet. Applying the alcohol on the feet or in the shoes before putting them on rids the shoe of bad smells. Liquor can also be soaked on a piece of cotton material and inserted in socks. The method works longer than many others.

Tea tannins

Tea contains tannins that work as a nature’s cures in killing off the bacteria that bring in the bad smell. One can use a tea bag by placing them under the shoes, or one can also dilute the tea in water and bathe their feet in them.

Freezing the shoes overnight

Freezing can also be the easiest way of getting rid of the foul smell from shoes. All one needs to do is to put the shoes under refrigeration overnight. The process kills bacteria and rids the shoe of bad smell.

Using washing machine

Running smelly shoes in a washing machine can assist in ridding them of bad smells. Cleaning anything regularly will help keep them clean and free of odors.

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