Make Your Hotel Stay Extra Safe – Proven Safety and Security Tips for a Hassle-free Vacation

Hassle-free Vacation

There are many beautiful places you can visit this coming 2019. What countries or cities do you plan to see? Do you want to visit some of the festive countries in South America? How about Southeast Asia? Surely there’s a nice place that can satisfy your wanderlust.

No matter what destination you choose, it’s important that you become extra alert and attentive when on vacation. Danger lurks everywhere, even in cities that are deemed safe for tourists. But, if you’re extra cautious, you have a better chance of enjoying a hassle-free trip.

Here in this short guide, we’ll teach you how to stay safe when you’re at a hotel. We have created a list of practical and easy to follow tips, so you can ensure your personal safety while you’re abroad.

First things to do

Whether you stay at an expensive or a budget-friendly hotel, always remember to be extra mindful of your luggage. When you arrive at the accommodation, it’s best that you carry your things with you at all times. As much as possible, try to place a unique identifier like a ribbon, bag tag or sticker to avoid switching your bag with another hotel guest.

If you’re given the chance to select or transfer to another room, better choose one that’s located at a higher floor level. Ground floor rooms are sometimes easy targets for thieves, burglars and other criminals.

What to do when you check in

Remember to never leave your credit card unattended. A lot of credit card thieves use sophisticated equipment like RFID scanners to steal the card information that they need. After the receptionist returns the card, check it closely. Make sure that it’s yours and that the card is not altered in any way or fake.

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Ask for the hotels business card, take it with you when you go out so you can easily contact the hotel if you need their shuttle service or in case of an emergency.

What things should I check inside the room?

things should I check inside the room

If a hotel valet accompanies you to the room, make sure that you leave the door opened when you inspect the room. Inspect the shower, curtains and dressers to make sure no one is hiding in wait. Also, you should check the quality and condition of the locks. Can you open and close it with your key? Is it damaged?

If you spot anything wrong with the locks, it’s best that you ask for a room transfer. Don’t forget to check the air vents, fire alarm and lights for any hidden cameras.

Stay safe when you leave the hotel

Before leaving the hotel, secure your items in the room. Don’t leave your documents like your passport or plane tickets out. Place your camera, laptop and other gadgets inside the safe and make sure to take note of the password you use.

If you doubt the quality of the safe provided, you can leave your belongings in the main hotel safe. Call the reception and request to place your things in their safe. Don’t forget to ask for a receipt and inquire about the coverage they will provide in the event that they lose your prized possessions.

Once you leave the hotel, always practice personal safety tips and techniques. Stay sharp and alert when you walk around the city. Do a bit of research on the dangerous spots for tourists. If you visit a country that doesn’t speak your language, bring a phrase book with you. Familiarise yourself with basic words and phrases like hello, yes, no, please and thank you. Don’t forget to check out the latest government advice in the country you will visit.

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If you’re not sure how to access the city through public transportation, you can request for a hotel shuttle service or taxi. In case you lose your key card, contact the hotel right away. Ask for a new copy or request to be transferred if you think that your keys were intentionally stolen from you.

Final tips and tricks

hotel tips

Travelling offers you the chance to discover and experience things that you might never find in your own country. You get to meet the locals, hear urban stories, taste local delicacies and embrace a whole new culture.

There are plenty of places you can go to all around the globe. You can choose depending on the types of activities you want to do or the things that you want to see. Some cities are great for tourists while others aren’t quite as welcoming or safe.

As such, you should always be careful. As a traveller, while your main goal is to enjoy the experience and aim to make fond memories, you must never sacrifice your safety and security. Follow the tips we laid out above, and stay completely safe when you travel to a new country.

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