IAS Interview Marathon – Last Minute Plan to Ace UPSC Personality Test


UPSC has commenced Civil Services Interviews (CSE 2017) from February 19th, 2018 and the candidates who have appeared by far must have had some exceptional experiences with the Panel. For those who are still in line to face the final challenge with UPSC personality Test, here is your last-minute plan to ace the exam and excel in your quest for a glorious career with Civil Services. 

In this very competitive world, every career-oriented person aims for a decent life and short fall of nothing, even if it means devoting oneself to the best suited career option, whole-heartedly. With Indians, there is added notion to the career choices we make – Emotions. We cater a lot many people & their expectations with us. Amidst all these responsibilities, we are also toiling ourselves to satisfy our Career needs and nurture the best of our capabilities. In regard with Civil Services, this ‘Emotion’ factor increases leaps and bounds, for, the Service is considered extremely prestigious and reputed. Hence, candidates preparing for the Interview stage, are at the point where there is no looking back. When this one chance can change your life once and for all, you must dedicate your efforts & show this world the best version of you!

  1. Get an edge up with Mock Interviews: if you have ever heard toppers talking about their experiences, they must have mentioned Mock Interviews which played Major role in their journey to success. Mock Interviews are not merely facing a significant panel but getting a fair idea of what kind of questions are asked and get accustomed to the real UPSC CSE Interview pattern & feel. Feedback session with the esteemed Panel further helps you rectify the weaker areas in your preparation, inculcate qualities & traits that are must to face the Interview and stay an edge up with your preparation for the IAS/IPS/IFS. So, for those who still haven’t enrolled for Mock Interviews, it is strongly recommend taking one, right away!
  2. Stay updated with Current Affairs: A Civil Services aspirant is expected to be an aware citizen who knows exactly what all is happening around, can frame their opinion over the subject matter and still have an open view about it. Being a civil servant, it becomes logically correct to be aware of happenings around so that your designated duties and tasks can be dedicated towards the priority issues that need attention. And hence, during this decisive phase of the Civil Services Examination, a candidate can be questioned around anything of National and International importance in the current social & media discussions. You must be well versed with key issues and the follow up stories related to Economic & financial sectors, political discussions, National issues, International relations, and a lot more. 
  3. Indulge into healthy discussions: UPSC Civil Services Aspirants, post enrolment, are going to experience a totally new world of diversities and cultures while working for a rich society where we live. To deal with such a vast society with pre-existing issues entwined in endless knots, a Civil Administrator needs expert skills, deep knowledge and hard-core dedication to not just survive but excel in their jobs. At this level when a candidate is being moulded into an able administrator, indulging into healthy discussions with friends, family, seniors and experienced people will add into the knowledge base only broadening the thought process. The different opinion of people around will help you understand how varied one’s perspective could be and will give you clearer and practical approach.
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‘It is wise to learn from your experiences, but it is wiser to learn from experiences of others!’

  1. Nurture your creative buds: Having studied for more than a year, for this very day when you will be sitting for the Civil services Interview, your mind must be boggled with a pool of information and nervousness at the same time. We tend to easily get bored of things being done repetitively or continuously for a longer period, which is obvious on our part. Asking you to revise your syllabus repeatedly will be way too much at this last hour and that’s where our hobbies, likes and creative interests come into action. To enhance the performance of your over-used brain and to nurture the creative buds blooming in the real you, get into some action. Get your list of likes & interests out and start doing things. Involve into creative activities of your interest and it could be anything like say photography. Get your best lenses ready and go click anything around you. Change filters, try angles, experiment with lights and see what best you can bring out in simple most things lying randomly around you. Whatever is your interest, indulge into it and see the magic of creativity change your mind-set in the most refreshing way!
  2. Ease out your anxious nerves: Sitting at the verge of most unpredictable situation in life, it is very human to be nervous and anxious for what might happen and how. You are preparing for country’s most prestigious examination and that too with the best foot put forward, be very proud of your decision and ease your nerves. You are here after lot of hardwork and perseverance, and you need to maintain it well at this final stage to finally reap the reward o your hardwork.
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‘Stand strong, Believe in yourself, Chase your dreams ’! Good Luck

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