How HR Software Optimizes HR Tasks?

Have you ever wondered how a series of working patterns denies the workability for successfully running a company? The management and the HR team of a company have to deal with a pile of the task for managing an organization in an efficient state of work. These task’s tediousness is directly proportional to the company’s incorporation of development and employee resources. Streamlining the task and making them efficient will increase the contribution of the employees in the growth and development of the organization. Whether it is a startup or a giant having its unique stand among the organizations need an extensive methodology to manage the task of the organization effectively. Streamlining the processes will reduce the investment cost and will empower the employer to use the investment in development strategies. It will eventually help the organization to achieve its short term and long term goal. It gives the in-depth insight of the organization activities and employees performance, and to make the strategies to retain the employees and increase the internal business relations amongst the company.


Talent acquisition is one of the crucial processes due to the increasing scarcity of talent and competition. The HR finds it hard to fetch the talent; social media has been of great help, having payroll software that streamlines the recruitment process is cherry on the top. Manually screening the resumes are prone to losing the sight of a resume. The missed resume may be of an individual who was well suited for the organization; it is unavoidable in the period when talent is hard to find. There is still a hope to improves the scenario by replacing the process with technological medium to complete that process, Artificial intelligence works like wonders for this process, it is capable of fetching the best-suited resumes as per the criteria of the vacancy and also provide the prediction of the best one amongst them by analyzing the previous data. It reduces the worry of the HR to miss out talent and free up much time for them to contribute more in the productive task.       


Onboarding processes consist of feeding the employee data into the system manually and editing it back in case of any correction. A software replaces the manual methodology to streamline the processes. Automating the processes and making them intelligent enough to take spontaneous decision relieves the HR from the repetitive task and its frustration. The software assigns the onboarding task to the employees themselves; they have to enter all the required personal and professional details along with the documents into the system and can edit those details if needed. The AI in the onboarding process can assist the employees with all the respective steps included in the onboarding process, and introduce them to the workflow of the company. The employees and HR can keep track of the onboarding process; it reduces the HR’s workload and creates a transparency in the process to respond to any of the hurdles that come across the process.         

Employee management

Employee management is the complex task of all, including their attendance, payroll processing, and performance management; all of these tasks require precise employee data. Payroll processing requires many components to be included in the calculation, from tracking the employee presence to their KRA/KPIs, all these data is to be included in the calculation. What if any single of these data is erroneous? It is frequent when the data of component is feed in the system manually. Manual data is prone to inevitable human errors. What is all the data in the components is fetched prone the systems or other devices and this data is automatically integrated with the payroll module. All the data gets automatically fed into the system; HR intervention is eradicated upto a greater extent and also the vulnerability of human error. Payroll process become precise, the process which consumes more than 10 hours of HR every month gets automatically invoked and is complete in minutes, taking the streamlining and task optimization at a whole new level. Employee management also includes employee engagement; when the employees seem to be more involved in the repetitive task, they tend to frustrate and bud a feeling of dissatisfaction toward the company. Smooth lining the processes by using comprehensive software will be a pronominal help in employee engagement!

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Shy Lee is an Associate Digital Marketing Manager at factoHR , a India based hr and payroll software solution providers. A creative marketing strategist with over 8 years of experience developing digital marketing strategies and guiding business development