Health and Safety Tips When Using Computers


Computers are the epitome of today’s modern advancements. As more and more people get connected, we become more oblivious to the fact that, computers are actually harming us and it’s a fact. So is technology finally fight back are we on the verge of a terminator uprising!

Hell no, computer and phones alike are simply dangerous when used constantly, and cases like eyestrain, posture abnormalities, as well as obesity are just a few of the basic side effects.

Here are some basic tips and when using computers, that everyone should apply, to entirely reduce these side effects.

1. Don’t look too close

Looking pc

Yeah, I know it’s very cliché but everything our parents used to tell us when we were young is in every aspect true, probably the biggest risk to excessive use of computers are eye strain, very common in young kids.

Now although eye strain doesn’t all that bad but prolonged eye strain can lead to double vision, itchy eyes and even blindness, in extreme cases.

2. Get Comfy


One of the best treatments to having the best posture and avoiding back pains.

It is always better to utilize chairs that don’t cause too much strain on your back and allow you to get the best experience from your device without having to work too much for it. Essentially that’s why computers and other devices were made to make our lives easier. Whether it be for gaming, office or just leisure work, never compromise on your looks just because of a computer.

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3. Get some fresh air once in a while

fresh air

Too much computer usage can lead to obesity millennial kids like us will apparently never understand why nowadays every kid in the block almost never comes outside for some fresh air, a little fresh air is never bad for anyone, scientist have proven that the number one cause for child obesity are computers.

So if you do not want to end up a fat couch potato I suggest you take my advice and show a little activeness in your life. Maybe even go to the gym or play some board games.

4. Kids tend to get aggressive when on the computer

kids on computer

A more recent side effect of over usage of computers is a psychological one, aggressiveness is a known temporary effect of violent games and is very common in young adults. However, it also has a simple treatment people just have to chill the hell out.

Computers can’t do that for you so I suggest actually going out and maybe talking to someone who comforts you, or maybe even just enjoying a nice stroll in the park somewhere.

5. Move it

using PC

Amongst the many tips and safety points I have explained this one cannot be any more important, Alright picture yourself in the office and your computer is planted a little bit to the left, so that’s its entirely away from your center field on vision. Although you may not think so much of it at first, but that small fault has so many larger issues piling up on it, the most serious of which is joint pain. You may have probably already felt it after some time. Save yourself the hassle and position your monitor or screen to make it more comfortable for you.

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Never compromise on safety and always try to make yourself more comfortable when you’re on the computer. In fact research has also proven in recent days that computers and other devices can emit radiation, while you sleep, which can lead to cancer so power your computer off completely when sleeping and follow these simple steps to safely use your computer.

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