Celebrate Birthday with these Mouthwatering Cakes

Celebrate Birthday with these Mouthwatering Cakes

There are some days in our lives that we want to celebrate grandly. Not all the times that situations remain the same; sometimes we do go through tough times. Yet, these are the days that bring us hope, happiness, and the willpower to live life again. One such occasion is the Birthday. On birthdays, every person deserves to be treated in a very special way. Be it our birthday or our beloved’s birthday- we love to make it look special. While celebrating birthdays, there are some patent things without which birthdays are incomplete. If you say it is birthday bums, I would rather say it is the birthday cake.

Here is a list of the most mouthwatering birthday cakes that can make the birthday celebration remarkable and complete:

1) Lemon Cake with Marshmallow Frosting

It is always good and exploring to try something new in baking or cooking. The impoverishing stuff always results in inner satisfaction. Here is a simple lemon cake with an extraordinary marshmallow topping. One can make it a cheesecake or simple cake by adding ½ cup of lemon juice and lemon zest to give the cake the flavor of lemon. When the one-layer cake is ready, put the marshmallow frosting whipped cream in the squeezer and cover the top of the cake with it. To give this fantast taste from Brazil a twist, one can also wish to add toasted coconut flakes. This cake will surely make the celebration of your birthday worth celebrating.

2) Almond Honey Cake with Strawberry

Here is another cake that people might have heard of but were not sure enough to try. An almond honey cake with strawberry is not an all-time delicacy; only Spring and Summer birthday people are lucky enough to taste it as strawberry is a seasonal fruit. First, one needs to bake a single-layer cake with the essential materials along with some good honey blending. After the cake is baked, put a thick layer of honey and unsalted butter on top of it. Spread some coconut flakes; to give it an intensive outlook. Now, in a bowl full of heavy cream, dice some strawberries and mix lightly. One can choose to concentrate the crème in the middle of the cake as a lump that spreading it all over as it will hide the charm of the roasted coconuts. In the end, stick some fresh whole strawberries on the crème, and here is your birthday delicacy ready to be served.

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3) Cranberry White Chocolate Cake

It is quite weird for most people to imagine a cake without dark or brown chocolate. No offense to brown chocolates; they taste great, but they are kind of repetitive. Instead, try this new cake with white chocolate and contrasting cranberries. It is a multilayered cake, baked in a similar process just as any other cake. While baking, put some cranberries inside; though they taste tart as fruits, while baking, they give out a sweeter and delicious taste. After baking the layered cake, cover it with a white chocolate crème prepared from white chocolate ganache, by adding butter and powdered sugar. It smoother the covering the more attractive it looks. Outline the cake on the platter with whole cranberries; also make a small heap of cranberries on top of it. The white and the violet contrast looks amazing, just as it tastes delicious.

4) Chestnut Coffee Cake

Chestnut and coffee is something that we probably find delicious and finger-licking. One can bake this cake at home; it is simple to make. Make the cake with the essentials one needs to bake a cake; flour, unsalted butter, powdered sugar, eggs, milk, and the coffee flavor. Prepare the chestnut by toasting them in the pan with a sprinkle of water until the pan is dried. Mix them all in the cake case and bake in the oven. Your chestnut coffee cake is prepared, yet not ready to be served. Grind some of the toasted nuts and spread them on the top of the cake. It will be one of the most delicious birthday cake ideas, straight from the bake room of Brasil for your beloved to make their day more special and remarkable.

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5) Classic Carrot-Coconut Cake

Carrot, coconut, and cake- these uncanny 3 Cs might sound a little fishy when it comes to baking cake; as carrot is the vegetable; coconut is fruit and cake is dessert. Having second thoughts before ordering this cake in the thought of ruining someone’s best day of the year?! Well, leap and see what happens. A classic carrot cake is baked with simple and essential cake ingredients, added with thinner carrot stripes to bring the flavor of the cake. It is best when baked as layered. Now, bridge the layers with white whipped vanilla crème and also cover the whole cake with the cream, keeping some of the crème for later topping. Now, chill the cake for the crème to settle down. Lastly spread the rest of the crème on around the cake and lightly press the coconut flakes, and the birthday special classic carrot coconut cake is ready to be served. To add a little twist, one can toast the coconut flakes lightly on a pan as well. If it looks like too much to handle, one can simply order a birthday cake online to Brazil to make the birthday special.

6) Rhubarb Custard Cake

This cake in the list is the hardest nut to crack open; hence it is suggested to order the cake from a renowned cake shop than baking it oneself unless one is a baking pro. A rhubarb custard cake is a special cake that requires an exact blending for which hand blending is important. The batter must be dense enough so that the fruit does not sink in. Also, it is important to keep the stalks as a whole otherwise it dunks into the bottom of the batter. A rhubarb custard cake looks beautiful and tastes awesome. It would be one of the most unique and amazing cake ideas to celebrate the most awaited day of the year.

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7) Malteser Layer Cake

This is a cake that one can make at home. For this, one can buy two 600 grams of chocolate mud cake with a 400gm tub chocolate frosting. To give the finished look of the cake, one needs to buy packets of Malteser chocolate balls. Put the chocolate mud cakes on the platter, spread chocolate frosting on top. Then put the next mud cake upside down and spread the rest of the chocolate frosting thickly all over. Next press the Malteser balls on the icing all around the cake and freeze the whole set up to make it ready to be served. One can choose to send chocolate cake online to their beloved who is celebrating his/her birthday somewhat away.

Birthday cake is the most essential thing to celebrate the occasion with the perfect essence. Above are the most delicious birthday cakes one can send to make birthday remarkable.

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