How Can Truckers Stay Fit for a Healthy Body and Mind?


Trucking is a difficult job in itself that you stay on the road and barely get any family time. Another adverse side of trucking is that it leads to an unhealthy body and a ruined lifestyle because it is sedentary.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fit body while being a trucker. Of course, you can have an amazing body by making a few changes. Most trucking blogs bring the trucking news where maintaining a fit body is also a part of the content. Nonetheless here we have some really quick tips, let’s get on to them-

Keep Healthy Snacks

As a trucker, it is very common to fill up the stock with every possible snack out there. Doritos, soda, and candy are a few of them, and to lead a healthy body and life, you need to differentiate between the good and bad. Bring healthy choices in your inventory such as protein bars, dried nuts and seeds, canned beans, canned fish, peanut butter, brown bread, veggies sandwich, and more.

Eat Three Meals

Skipping a meal and then eat like a beast in the next session is an unhealthy choice you can easily make. Eating like this can lead you to fat gain and make you look damaging to your health. Instead, try three to four meals a day or more if you feel the need. This way, you keep your cravings down, and chances of opting for those unhealthy snacks become lower.

Breakfast is Mandatory

Even if you always neglected breakfast, this doesn’t take you to any good. Breakfast is the first meal of your day, and so it should be balanced enough, such as a blend of protein, good carbs, and good fats too. You can have fruits, omelet with veggies, a glass of milk, and a handful of dried nuts.

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This would keep you from getting super hungry and fuel you till the afternoon meal. For more helpful information, it is always wise to follow the latest truck news and stay enlightened about the matters.

Take Advantage of What’s Around

Other than eating, a fit body also needs some workout. For this, you don’t have to keep the home gym in your truck but look around at the truck stops. Observe which things you can use to make some incline and decline pushups, triceps dips, and pull-ups. Be creative and use the sources nearby as your workout aid.

Grab Some Small Equipment

Of course, you can have some kettle balls or dumbbells in your truck that you should use at least five times a week. You can have a proper workout routine for you and follow accordingly. Always make use of the body weight and make sure you train every body part. Get ideas from Google and watch YouTube videos if you have to.

Get Your Cardio

Cardio is a proven way to burn fat where strength training also goes in hand. Before starting your each workout you can do 10 to 15 minutes of cardio or HIIT, whatever suits you better.

Tip: Drink black coffee before 20 minutes of doing cardio as it activates the fat cells and helps you lose that fat easily.

Some HIIT exercises can be:

  • High knee run
  • Burpees
  • Plank jumps
  • Mountain climbers
  • Skipping


Keep Mental Health in Check

Trucking can be stressful at times, and so keeping pace with your mental piece is also necessary. You can do yoga and meditation regularly to bring inner peace so you can handle the situations on the road well.

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Additionally, you can bring your hobby along such as if you love playing a ukulele, reading books, listening to podcasts or any such thing. You can have a mental break this way and feel refreshed before you start driving again. To make sure you never miss on your physical and mental health, make a routine and follow it with all your heart.

Stay hydrated and get enough sleep every night to wake up all refreshed and ready for the day. Nothing can keep you healthy if you lack in getting sound sleep; prepare your cab or the sleeping room in such a way that it feels cozy and pleasant.

Wrapping Up

The most important rule to keep having a fit body is to prepare a routine and follow it. List the healthy foods that you can have while on the road, the type of exercises, and decide the days as well. It can be a bit troublesome to switch to a healthy diet, but it won’t take much effort, and the results would be astonishing. Meanwhile, keep following trucking news and never miss an update about what is going around in your industry.

Author Bio :

Michael is a writer about the trucking industry, as it is his passion to help truckers with the right information. He is someone who always stays updated with the trucking news and finds it great to help other truckers with the enlightenment.