Best 8 SEO Tricks to Land Higher SEO Rankings

SEO Tricks

Every business in today’s world needs a perfect SEO strategy. An excellent SEO technique can boost the ranking of any website. A higher ranking will result in increased traffic on the website. Hence it is very important to figure out an SEO technique for your business. Whether you have an online business or offline, SEO is important for you. A well-crafted backlinking plan can significantly boost your website’s SEO rankings by establishing credibility and authority through relevant backlinks.

Without an impactful marketing tactic, you don’t stand a chance in today’s competition. Now we will discuss the tricks that can be used to land higher in rankings.

● Start from basics

If you want to have an amazing SEO strategy, you must understand the basics of marketing. You must be aware of the expectations and requirements of the audience. Their needs should be clear to you. Then you can provide accurate information to them. Make sure your content is easily accessible. If a user can’t reach the content easily, it will have an adverse effect on your rankings. So in order to get a higher SERP ranking, you must know how to execute SEO in an effective manner.

● Speed is Everything

The speed of your site is considered to be one of the factors that are used by Google to decide rankings. No user wants to surf a slow and sluggish site. Users don’t want to wait even for few seconds, they want a site to load as quickly as possible. Failing to do so will encourage the user for leaving the site immediately. A slow speed can not just cause you ranking but it can also be the reason for a user never coming back to your site. If you have filled the website with images, then it can be affecting the speed. You can compress the image size to enhance the speed.

● Take Help From The Competitors

Don’t just start writing content without proper research. Your competitors can help you out in ranking higher. You just have to observe the 1st page of a google search on the topic you were about to deliver content. Analyze what is already working and getting a higher rank. So figure out what google actually wants and the keywords that can help you get a higher spot in the rankings.

● Engagement

A website with high traffic and engagement is rewarded with a higher rank. If a user is surfing your website for a long time then google will rank your website. Therefore it is important that your content provides value to the audience so that they spend some time on the site. For this you have to ensure that your content is readable, it must have small paragraphs and sentences. Using images related to the content will also affect the engagement of your site. Make sure that you start your content with the most valuable or interesting point to maintain the attention of the user for a while.

● User Experience

User experience is yet another factor that defines the value of the site. It is also vital for a higher conversion rate. Your site shouldn’t be complex for the users. Google always gives a higher ranking to sites with better user experience because Google wants to provide valuable content. Navigation of the site should be simple and effective. Also, the design of the site should be very simple and easy for the users to find something. Work on making content that is easy to reach and provides maximum value to the users.

● Social Media

Social media is the most popular thing in the present time. Everyone is using it. Even you can use it to get a better ranking. So you have to strengthen your social media presence. Your profile can be visible on the search engines that will allow customers to know about your brand. Nurturing strong customer relationships on social media can indirectly boost your SEO rankings by enhancing brand awareness, driving website traffic, and generating positive social signals.  Be active on social media and share valuable content. This can enhance the credibility of your company. If your content is valuable, it will also get shared by other people that can help you to reach out to as many people as possible.

● Secure Your Website

It is very important to have a secured site. You can use HTTPS instead of normal HTTP because it provides better security to the website. It works hand-in-hand with SSL to provide the information in a much safer way. This creates a safe environment for those visiting your site. Even Google prefers HTTPS sites. It is now one of the ranking factors, so if you are still stuck in the old HTTP protocol then it is time to switch to HTTPS.

● Backlinks

Last but not the least, backlinks are yet another effective way of getting a better rank. But now it’s not about getting more backlinks instead the quality of the backlink is more important. The backlink must be relevant to the content or services you offer. To elevate your website to a higher search engine ranking, implement effective link building strategies that acquire backlinks from high-authority and relevant websites.  This way Google will rank your website much higher. Quality backlinks are often considered as valuable.


These were some of the SEO tips that can get you a higher rank. You can also hire SEO expert to make an impactful marketing strategy for your company. But you can always use the ticks given above to make sure you’re always ranking higher.

Author Bio:

Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping client for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.

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