The 9 Business Tasks That You Can Do Better with a Mobile App

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Many organizations are at a crossroads when it comes to relying on a mobile app to perform their business-critical tasks. Businesses regardless of size are striving to remain competitive in their respective domain and using a mobile app for performing critical tasks is an effective way to be so.

Leveraging the power of intuitive, interactive mobile apps to manage the administrative, marketing, CRM, and other management tasks, organizations can improve their efficiency and enable their workforce to deliver better results.

Today, mobile technology plays a crucial role in the professional and personal lives of people-whether it is sharing information, connecting with employees and friends, communication, and so on.

Here’s a list of 9 time-consuming, business-critical tasks employees can do better with a mobile app.

9 Time-consuming, Business-critical Tasks That Can Be Performed Better Using Mobile App

Mobile apps can help organizations modernize the way they manage workloads. Businesses can improve performance and increase agility with the shift in a focus to mobile technology-leveraging automation and access to real-time data for deep insights into performance, resource allocation and utilization, and workload simulations.

  1. Managing Human Resource

There are numerous HR software solutions available in the market that can enhance employee experience. From providing access to the employees to the distribution of important Human Resource information, mobile apps have the potential to improve the speed and efficiency of HR personnel.

Either an organization can engage with a mobile app development company to develop a customized software application, tailored to the specific business requirements or pick a feature-rich software based on SaaS model, which is a less costly solution.

Below are the key features an organization must ensure in the HR software:

  • Allow access to employees anywhere, anytime
  • Enhance self-service so that HR personnel can focus on their critical tasks
  • Guide the employees to direct questions at the right place
  • Enable promoting specific initiatives or topical events anytime
  • Optimized with privacy features
  • Push notifications to enforce key messages
  1. Recruitment

With a recruitment mobile app, managers can work even when they are not at their desk. From setting up an interview to taking the interview of the prospective employee, every task can be performed easily through a mobile app.

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Here are integral features of Recruitment Mobile App:

  • Schedule interview with a click
  • Track the task and appointment scheduled with the candidate
  • Quickly update the task status and fill the details based on the requirement
  • Manage the candidate record effortlessly
  • Communicate with the candidate anytime, anywhere
  1. Performance Management

Mobile apps are a great way to manage the team’s performance and progress. Using the apps, organizations can track all the projects, manage workflows, create tasks, and plan meetings and programs. In the market, there are numerous mobile app development companies that provide software products on subscription with advanced capabilities to manage team and projects.

Key features of the performance management mobile application:

  • Assign task to each employee
  • Create private projects
  • Enable collaborating with vendors, partners, and contracts
  • Set metrics or KPI for the teams
  • Enable employees to set objectives
  1. Customer Relationship Management

With a mobile app, organizations can standardize sales processes, right from the lead conversion to the creation of reports and evaluation of performance. Besides, it also helps in keeping a record of sales history, conversion rates, and win-loss, along with the records of sales team members handling the products, services, territories, and customers.

Below are the key features of advanced CRM software:

  • Email integration, opportunity management and lead tracking
  • Save data automatically
  • Store contact’s portfolio and system profile
  • Keep the record of events, meetings, and calls
  • Visualize and manage sales pipelines
  1. Marketing

Marketing leaders throughout the globe are turning to mobile apps to gain a competitive edge in the market. Building and releasing apps are much easier today with the rise of numerous mobile app development companies that cater to both large and small companies, based on their requirements.

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In the modern times, there are numerous apps for marketers that not only help them launch a campaign but also enable them to measure the results from scratch. Besides, it is also an indicator of the growing role and responsibilities of marketers in technology management.

Here’s a list of features a Marketing Mobile App must have:

  • Enables sales, communication, and training processes within the organization
  • Promote the assistance of internal designers, developers, and IT
  • Keep end-users interested and return through appealing interfaces
  • Equipped with usage metrics to facilitate evaluation of factors such as analysis of the navigation, length of time spent on an activity, and so on.
  1. Customer Support

According to a report, 78% of the enterprises using a customer-facing app have reported that they have witnessed an increase in their mobile app audience in a year. Mobile apps intensively impact when it comes to maintaining post-purchase loyalty, as customers feel more connected with a 24X7 operating tool.

Key Features of a Customer-Support App:

  • Self-service account features
  • Ability to pay bills through the app
  • Support regular interaction with the customer-care department
  • Send push notifications
  • Equipped with location-based features
  • Promote reward programmes and loyalty schemes
  • In-built Augmented Reality feature to support the submission of copies of identity documents
  1. Scheduling and Dispatch

Scheduling and dispatch is an integral part of the small businesses, be it electrical contractors, HVAC companies, oil & gas, cleaning companies, and many more. Almost all the companies are in some way involved in scheduling and dispatch of the field team, irrespective of size.

Key features of a Scheduling Software:

  • Smart planning and scheduling calendar board
  • Quick estimates and work-order creation
  • Quick invoicing and automated payment reminders
  • Ability to manage and organize all employees, roles and hierarchy
  • Ability to create actionable business reports
  1. Payroll Distribution

Payroll distribution is one of the most critical tasks, as employees are highly sensitive to payroll irregularities and errors. Managing the payroll distribution manually is prone to errors and causes a delay as well.

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Listed below are the crucial features that a Payroll Distribution Mobile App must have to ensure timely and accurate payment to employees.

  • Set attributes based on affiliation at
  • Track all standard information including demographics, dates, and cost centers
  • Includes multitude ways to pay the employees
  • Privacy and security features such as customizable payroll alerts
  • Zero involvement of paper
  1. Accounting

Accounting needs proper attention, with zero tolerance for errors. Using a mobile app, organizations can reduce the errors and close their consolidation cycle within a few days.

No matter what business you are into, accounting forms the backbone, and thus covers a wide range of tasks including measurement, processing, and communication of financial information. The best initiative is to contact a mobile app development company to create a customize accounting mobile app to perform the task or use a software based on the SaaS model.

Key Features of Accounting Application:

  • Capture, store, and analyze critical data to generate insight into new opportunities
  • Enable powerful and customizable reporting
  • Interactive dashboards for easier decision making
  • Maintain accounting system paperless and error-free

The Final Thoughts

There is a wide range of mobile apps that covers a vast spectrum of business-critical tasks. Using the applications, task can be automated and performed from anywhere, anytime. Modern businesses need these types of capabilities to survive the competition and make their business more profitable.

Author Bio :

Bhupendra Choudhary is Business Head of Field Titan - a leading field service management software company. He has extensive experience in providing apt business solutions to various industries for field service and field sales domain. A product thinker, he collaborates with industry leaders to understand business challenges and facilitate technology solutions.