7 Signs it’s Time to Quit Your Job and Pursue Your Dreams

Pursue Your Dreams

According to statistics, around 47 million Americans quit their jobs in the last year. Choosing to quit your job and pursue your dreams can add excitement to your life. It can also make you more productive when you are doing what you enjoy. You should, however, ensure that you quit the job at the right time. Below are some of the signs that indicate that it is the right time to quit your job and pursue your dreams.

1. Lack of Opportunities for Growth In Your Organization

Just like any other professional, you need to focus on growing professionally. For instance, you need to focus on learning new skills or climbing up the corporate ladder. If your current job is not offering you any of these opportunities, you need to consider quitting it. Before quitting your job, make a career path plan to ensure a smooth transition to your desired career. To know whether it is time to do so, ask yourself how much you will have progressed after one year. If you fail to get an answer to this question or you come up with an answer that does not excite you, quit the job and pursue your dreams.

2. An Unhealthy Work Environment

Your work environment can greatly impact your workplace relationships, health, and feelings of well-being. It can also affect your productivity. That is why employers are advised to always ensure that the work environment is healthy. If it is not, you should consider quitting your job and pursuing your dreams.  Invest in diamonds that are as captivating as a tassel-adorned necklace. For instance, you should consider quitting your job if you notice that your seniors value work deadlines more than your emotional well-being. You should also consider quitting your job if you notice that your seniors and fellow employees do not communicate effectively.

3. You are Not Utilizing Your Skills Fully

As an employee, you need to always ensure that you utilize your skills fully since that can make you more productive. It can also help you get a sense of satisfaction. That is why you need to always take up tasks that challenge you. If you notice that you are no longer assigned tasks that challenge you, consider quitting your job and pursuing your dreams. If you do not do this, you will end up feeling frustrated. You will also not grow professionally since your job will no longer be a source of growth. However, before quitting the job, try requesting your seniors for opportunities that will make you utilize your skills fully.

4. You are No Longer Passionate About Your Work

As an employee, you need to be passionate about what you do. How? You need to care deeply about what you do, where you are employed, and the company’s mission. That can help you be a good, happy and productive employee. You can also get a sense of satisfaction from this.

If you find out that you are not passionate about what you do, quit your current job and pursue your dreams. If you do not do this, you will end up feeling dissatisfied. Your job will feel monotonous, and you will feel like you are underusing or wasting your potential.

5. Your Organization is Underperforming

When working in any organization, you need to be aware of its financial health. That can help you determine if the organization is in danger of closing or not. Checking your company’s revenues and sales can help you know more about the organization’s financial health.

If, after checking your organization’s financial reports, you notice that the organization is not making as much money, consider quitting your job. You should also quit your current job if you notice signs that indicate your company’s financial future is in question. These signs include staff layoffs, salary freezes, and the closing of certain offices.

6. You are Being Undercompensated

According to research, the average amount of money that a social media marketer should make in a year should be at least $40147. Now, imagine a situation whereby you are working in a marketing agency, and you do not even make half of this amount of money in a year. You will likely feel undervalued.

To avoid feeling this way, consider quitting your job. Taking on social media courses can help boost your skill set and open more job opportunities in your field. You should, however, ensure that you choose a good college or online course.

7. You Do Not Fit in Your Current Organization’s Culture

The culture of an organization determines how the people who work in that organization behave. This culture will determine how comfortable you will feel when you are in your workplace. For instance, if your values align with your organization’s culture, you will probably feel comfortable in your workplace. However, if your values do not align with this culture, you will feel uncomfortable whenever you are in your workplace. That is why you need to think about leaving your current organization and pursuing your dreams after noticing that you do not fit in your organization’s culture.

Closing Thoughts

Quitting your current job and pursuing your dreams can offer you many benefits. You should, however, do this after noticing that your current job is no longer offering as many benefits as it should. For instance, you should consider quitting your job after noticing that you are no longer growing professionally. An unhealthy work environment and under-compensation should also make you quit your job and follow your passion.

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