Tips to Make your Toddler Love Homework

How to make your kid do his/her homework?

Parents like you would love to know the magic formula behind that!

Isn’t it?

Although it might not be a very simple task to encourage your kid to sit with his/ her homework, it is not extremely tough too. You just have to take a moment to work through the entire process and that’s it!

Take a glance over the following tips to make your kid fall in love with his/her homework:

Create a homework spot

You should choose a quiet place for your children to do their homework. It will allow him/her to get totally delved into their studies and not get distracted at all. Just keep the modes of entertainment like television, music etc. away from that place. Also, keep an eye that not many people are coming and going in the study area. Thus, your children will be able to hold onto his/her concentration in a better way.

Go for an educational game

This can be one of the best ways to make homework fun for kids. You can turn homework into a game to entice them towards their books. Suppose, your little one is working on vocabulary words, you can create a flashcard or matching game for him/her. When it’s about the maths lessons, you can use tiny candies to help them learn numbers. If they can eat a few candies while learning subtraction and addition units, it becomes yet more fun!

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Sit and work beside your child

If you leave your kid working on his/her homework while the whole family enjoys and relaxes, it will let the child feel isolated. Whether it is catching up on emails, paying bills, developing a budget or planning a trip, sit beside your darling and do it.

It will not only let your kid feel that he/she is not the only one who is doing something but also you can spend some time with your kid. In case, he/she will have any question, you will be there to help him/her out.

Go for group studies

Letting your child study with his/her classmates is making the scenario altogether a fun one. You can invite your kiddo’s friends to solve the equations together or let them read the poems loud out there. If you do so, he/she will be inspired to do the homework as your child’s friends will be there to accompany him/her.

Further, if you think that your kid is old enough, just step back and let him/her take the leadership role. It will allow your kid to learn the quality of managing things. Well, younger kids might need more help in such a scenario. You’ve to be around to look after them but it will be certainly a mini-educational play date for them.

Let the senses awake

Those darned fidget spinners are very popular nowadays in the hands of the little ones and there is a reason behind that. It might seem to you that engaging his/her senses of touch, smell, and sight is somewhat distractive but it actually helps the kids to focus on studies. One of the simple yet effective ways to involve your child’s senses can be stashing a stress ball in the homework area. It can invigorate his/her sensitivity to touch or play. This will be actually breaking the crazy-quiet that is totally distractive.

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Design an interesting workspace

Just think of the coolest places in the world where you can work!

Whether it is Google or Apple, all of them have fantastic workspaces for their employees. These tech giants do so to increase their productivity and you need to use the same mantra to enhance your kid’s performance.

You can make a tall desk ( made of shelves) for your child to stand and work. Also, it will be smart if you swap out desk chairs for a twist-turny tool.

How about a yoga ball rather?

With such a change, homework will become absolutely fun for your children! It will be not at all a boring chapter for your kid to do that.

Snack amazingly

Let’s face the truth: A hungry kid can never be focused, motivated or happy. In that case, you can act creatively and use letter cookie cutters to come up with word sandwiches. Also, it is possible to use cut fruits for creating number shapes or equations. All these will let your child not only munch tasty but also learn a bit every moment.

Aren’t these ideas absolutely awesome? Don’t wait anymore! Just opt for them at the earliest. Finally, you don’t have to nag your children anymore to sit with their homework. Above that, your child will be always updated with what he/she needs to know at his/her age.

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