5G: What Can We Expect?


The modern world now revolves around information and speed. People nowadays simply cannot deal with slow loading times and refuse to wait more than just a few seconds before repeatedly tapping the refresh button hoping for pages on the internet to load. Because of this, how fast you can access information, how quickly you can move from web page to web page and how quickly you can communicate with people are soon to get even faster with the emergence of 5G data.

While 3G and 4G, either of which you may be using at this very minute, are both very effective, it does not reach levels that 5G take loading times to. Both 3G and 4G are affected by the weather and they tend to drain the battery of the device you’re using. Not to mention it can be slow without decent reception. It’s expected that these problems will be solved with the introduction of 5G. There are soon to be newer mobile plans that will arrive because of 5G, it’s unclear when they will be available worldwide.

What benefits are 5G expected to bring?

Increased of speed and lower latency

As mentioned earlier, the main benefit that 5G is expected to bring is increased speed to users. For example, if you’re trying to download a movie onto your mobile, it’s likely to download in about twice the speed on 5G than it would be if you were using 3G or 4G. It will also help when you are trying to load multiple browser pages at once. This will be extremely helpful also if you’re in a place with little reception and you have no Wi-Fi, where 5G is likely to be a whole lot faster than 4G and 3G would in those rural areas. The current fastest 4G mobile networks has speeds of about 45Mbps (megabits per second), and the 5G industry is aiming to reach about 1,000Mbps. Even if you don’t know much about internet speeds and the unit Mbps, just by the numbers you can already see that 5G is going to be taking fast internet speed to the next level.

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5G is also expected to have much lower latency at 1 millisecond. This allows users of 5G to experience much less lags and less severe delay. This will affect users’ experiences with online gaming and streaming when using 5G.

Saves battery

Some people are actually reluctant to use 3G or 4G at times because of the battery it can drain from using it – even if the phone is on lock. 5G is expected to expend much less battery per minute of usage so that users are able to use their data without the worry of their phone running out of battery.

Higher capacity

Generally, because the world is becoming more smartphone involved, we’re consuming more mobile data on a daily basis, with music streaming and video streaming reaching new levels. Because of this increased consumption of mobile data, existing spectrum bands are becoming more congested, meaning that more lagging and delays will only get worse on the current network. Because 5G has a higher capacity, it is better at handling thousands of devices on the same network simultaneously, which will lead to less of the delays that we see occasionally with 4G and 3G networks.

How will 5G affect non-mobile activities?

5G affect non-mobile activities

The emergence of 5G isn’t just about improving your online mobile experience, but it’s also expected to change the world dramatically.

The technology of 5G data is expected to change the way businesses work in a big way. It’s likely to improve efficiency, production, innovative breakthroughs and will reduce costs for businesses. This is through the way it helps integrate with AI technology and improves it, making businesses’ automated technology a lot faster.

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5G data is also likely to improve self-driving cars and make them more common in the world, as the faster internet connection will help the car gain more control and thus lead to less driving mistakes. It also will improve medicine and surgery in a similar way.

Do you need 5G?

It’s most probable that you will not “need” 5G anytime soon as 3G and 4G do their job just fine, however, you will most likely want it. Your experience with using data on your mobile phone will completely change and no longer will you have to wait so long for movies to download or even for basic webpages to load.

However if you’re not too concerned with any of these factors, then it might not make sense for you to invest in a mobile phone that accommodates 5G as it may be more expensive and you’ll have to buy a new phone.

Thus, it really depends on the person and what priorities you have, along with how your life will actually be affected by having 5G. To sum up however, 5G is more than just an improvement of using data on mobile phones, but it perceived to be revolutionary in the way that it will help many different types of technologies, from self-driving cars to the technology that surgeons use.

When is 5G set to be available?

The fantastic benefits to your smartphone experience and to AI gadgets promised from 5G are still not yet available – so when will it be available? U.S carries have promised that 5G will be available by 2020, but since it’s not just a single piece of technology but rather a constellation of different technologies, this deadline may prove hard to keep. There’s a lot of pressure on U.S companies to get this underway as soon as possible and there’s all the chance that China will be able to do this faster than America if they can build the foundations for 5G more quickly.

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Overall, it’s safe to say that 5G will first be available in late 2020 or early 2021, but bear in mind that this may only mean in certain countries. It may take a lot longer for this emerging new technology to reach other countries like Australia and New Zealand.

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