5 Things You Should Know Before You Start Preparing for GMAT

Graduate Management Admission Test, commonly known as GMAT is a standardized test that candidates take for admission in graduate studies related to management or business. Before you kick off preparing for this exam, here we tell you some important thing about the exam.

GMAT Consists four Sections

The exam consists of four sections. First is analytical writing, in which, candidate’s ability to communicate ideas and critical analysis is measured. You will be given an argument as a topic which you will need to analyze the reasoning behind it and also critique it. The integrated reasoning is the second section of the examination where you will be expected to answer twelve questions that will test your ability to analyze information. Next, comes quantitative assessment where you will need to analyze data and derive a conclusion from it. Verbal is the final section of GMAT where your ability to read and comprehend written material will be assessed.

There are many online resources available:

GMAT’s official website offers several free practice questions as well as software which includes questions with solutions and explanation. Besides, you can also take help of Magoosh GMAT prep which is very popular among GMAT aspirants for its test preparing video lessons and practice questions on every topic. The popularity of this course can be inferred from Magoosh GMAT reviews given by candidates.

Validity of GMAT Score

Official GMAT Scores are disclosed within twenty days of the examination, and it remains valid for five years. If you want to take admission in specific school and program, then you will need to schedule your test based on the deadlines of the school has specified.

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Nature of the Examination

It is not a pass or fail test. Most business school accepts a range of scores. So, you need to set a goal depending on this range set by the school of your choice.

Hours Spent in Preparing

Almost 50% of the GMAT candidates spend around 51 hours in preparation. It must have given you an idea that how much time you need to prepare for the examination. It is recommended to create a study schedule by taking consideration of other activities. Estimate how many months you will need in order to prepare and review all the sections of the exam fully.

Start preparing for the examination after making a well-defined strategy.

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