5 Mistakes to Avoid in GRE Preparation

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Are you looking to score high on the GRE?  Then there are few things that you might have to learn to minimize the errors while preparing for GRE test.

1- Don’t Save On Study Preparation Costs

If you are trying to save some bucks by not buying the expensive study material, you are surely preparing to fail. If you are averse to buying study guide likes of the Manhattan GRE Guide because they are expensive, then you should not be preparing for the GRE itself. Savings few thousands are not going to make you any poorer, but it will surely hamper your GRE preparation.

2- Not Taking Tests

Many aspirants save the practice tests for the last ten days. It is something that’s a recipe for sure-shot failure. It is a strategy that is not recommended at all. Practice tests should be taken a right from the start and every weekend. The early you can identify the weak areas, the more you can concentrate on them. It makes sure that you can overcome the weaknesses as early as possible.

3- Never Underestimate the Quantitative Section

If you are making the mistake of underestimating quantitative section you are in for a problem. Just because math is simple, it doesn’t mean that you should start taking it lightly. You are running into trouble if you start ignoring any of the section for any reason. The latest GRE section is not hard, but it is tricky. With proper practice and strategies, it can be a real score gainer. For some participants who are good at math, you may be able to boost up the score.

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4- Focussing Only On Vocabulary

Many participants make the mistake of excessively focusing on the verbal section. Can you imagine getting scores in the exam by overly focusing on vocabulary? It may be good for text completion and sentence equivalence.  A better idea would be to focus on the sentences and learn to work in context. Just cramming the words may not be enough to overcome the verbal section.

5- Skipping Official Guide

Many participants plan to attempt GRE without using the Official GRE guide. If you are serious about clearing GRE, you should get the GRE official guide as no other test prep book comes close to it.

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