New E-learning Technologies that Helps to Student’s Academic Performance


Usage of new modern technological devices in learning and also in teaching process has become very integral part. Technologies are used in every field which helped to go with new thoughts and ideas. We should accept new vision and new ideas so that we can move with this modern world. Technology has a great influence in educational and academic field. And its   effects are mostly positive one. Technological usage are included in classroom curriculum .It increased the academic performance and academic output significantly. Learning process and also teaching process has changed.

Smart Classroom

In this modern era not only young generations but also middle-aged people has been influenced by technological developments. Now day’s learners depend on mobile phone and other devices to follow their studies and learn according to their intelligence. Students can learn and study according to their own soothe and requirements. At first people has some sort of hesitation to use technological devices in classroom and encourage students to use smart devices. Because, smart devices can also used in negative way. This will affect their career and future. But ones government encouraged smart classroom and use of smart device in teaching process. It gave a boost to everyone in using technological devices which made not only learning easy but also teaching too. So every year new inventions are made, new modifications are made to give a quality education.

Quality Education

The learning process looks completely different now. Today’s learning and teaching process is more correlated and related to real experience and personalised learning. To encourage this learning technology helped allot and changed the mindset of people completely. The method the learners and students are learning is changing completely. Individual learning is given importance. Through the help f technology and e-learning process students can concentrate and learn according their comfort and time and also speed. in traditional teaching teacher will collaborate discuss and teach one topic .ain that time may be one or students are not able to follow the speed of teaching they will not be able to concentrate such situations are common. But in E-learning one can hear a lecture again and again without getting shy or uncomfortable. He can focus on himself. It increased ones confidence and intelligence level. Slow learners are also benefited by this new technological development in learning process this will result in improved academic performance.

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Learners now shifted their mind to micro learning. It means skill based learning. Learning by parts, learning involves small learning units. In traditional learning students have to bear the load of learning which resulted in depression stress lack of concentration and other mental and physical health problems. It never concentrated on student’s interest and urge. But in this modern era students expect something new. Some new learning method in which their interest their personal skill and comfort are focused. Learning gives such learning environment in which student’s interest comfort and stress free learning method and strategies are focused. E-learning gave much importance to micro learning process. Small sized learning, skill based learning and it’s considered as the turning point in E-learning process.

Mobile Learning

Another development or trend of E-learning is mobile learning. The biggest development which we can witness is the use of smart phones and mobile devices in the process of learning. At first people used personal computer in the consumption of learning then by understanding the importance of smart devices the level of development increased and it got a new invention of learning app in smart phones. Now students use smart phones in learning process. Now it has become the integral part of learning process. One can study learn from anywhere any time they want. They can learn and listen to lecture in particular content when they are free and comfort. As I firstly said student based learning has been developed and encouraged by E-learning process.

In every sense E-learning has made learning process filled with fun and comfort. But after that one more element was included that is, real world learning. It will help the students to experience and learn it from real world rather than reel world. If they get to know it closely they can make easy connection with learning process and it may remain for longer period. So in every sense E-learning has brought a huge change in learning system which was really needed one. Students need to be very competitive in future life. World is filled with new ideas and thoughts so we have to go with that E-learning has increased the group effort, teamwork and association with social learning. It helps the students to take a smarter and good decision in future life. Students can be able to foresee future. Social learning helps students it builds up the confidence and they can confidently plan their future life. It’s not only helped students it helped to improvise teaching efficiency. Quality of learning and quality of teaching has been changed completely.

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Priority Given to Learner

E-learning has extends the potential of education, learning and teaching beyond traditional way of learning. In traditional learning one should have to depend on textbooks only but E-learning has made students materials more flexible and easy to access. In language teaching teacher can use some audio visual aids, you tubes, other internet sources which will help to improve the language learning skill of learning. In every aspect E-learning has changed the foundation of traditional learning and helped to build a learning process which focused on students interest and students comfort. In every academic institution instructress teachers use technology based teaching so that students can get ideas easily.

It gives extensive set of benefits to students as well as teachers to construct and build up their career and make their foundation of education more solid. E-learning process is quite popular, highly influenced and appreciated by the students all over the world.

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