Learn To Speak English Confidently


English is a universal language. It has secured the most important place in all the working fields. It’s not only essential for studies in schools, or colleges, but its importance is vast and crucial for good educational opportunities.

But, the fact is it’s being primary language for all the fields, many people face problems to learn English. Even, after regular coaching from the best English speaking classes for years, they still miss things in their learning. Their achievements regarding learning and speaking English is not up to mark.

What are the problems that we faced during conversation in English?

Let’s first focus on those points that defects out fluency while communicating in the same language.

  • Public fear
  • Comparing with others
  • Not confident and keep trying to be perfect always
  • Pressurizing on vocabulary a lot
  • Giving more time to learn than practicing
  • Always holding the tail of grammar rules

So, the above points are the common reasons which keep hitting you back from speaking English confidently. Never, mind all the above points have good solution to it. Remember, nothing is impossible.

Let’s learn some rules before seeking the solution how to speak English confidently.

  • Smash your worries
  • Learn from other, avoid comparing yourself
  • Be confident and have patience
  • Vocabulary is unavoidable, but don’t focus only on it
  • Equalize the learning and practice time (communicate a lot)
  • Forget grammar for a while

The fluency rules

To speak English confidently, there are some rules to be followed.

  1. Believe in yourself

To conquer anything in this world, the first thing is to believe that you can do it. The worst fear in anyone is about the surroundings. We always think more about the others’ judgement. And less confident about own will power. Learn to say, “I can do it”, “I am doing it”, and “I will do it.”

  1. Practicing

The learners, especially the beginners spend their maximum time in learning only. Their fear to make mistakes in communication always holds them to learning part a more. Listen to any small conversation and repeat it. Concentrate on the words to know what the speech means. When there will be clear understanding about the meaning of the speech, then it’s easy to repeat. So, listen, speak, and read. Repeat the cycle.

  1. Choose to question answer topics

To practice conversation chooses question answer related topics. Short questions and replies to it. When, there is no partner to communicate, use mirror as a partner. Prepare a list of regular question faced every day, and then practice them. Both, roles of questioning and replying should be played by you.

  1. Don’t sit to correct grammar

Correct grammar shows the quality English. Learn the grammar, it’s essential, but just don’t keep pushing yourself to correct it all the time. This will confuse you and get you stuck to it. It may lose your interest in following other essential steps to speak English confidently. Notice, the grammatical mistakes and later correct it for the next time.

  1. Find one word new word every day

Newspaper is the best tool to practice reading. It’s suggested by many great learners of English. Spend the few selected minutes to read your favourite newspaper. The language of newspaper is quality and standard. Mark out new words, and practice it the same time in your sentence. This works in dual, clears your understanding about the word and your practice fills confidence in you.

  1. Sincerity

Make a discipline to study the language every day for the limited hours. As, you’re your teacher can’t allow you to work for hours a single day and then skip for few days completely. The best way to be sincere is to make a time table and divide the time of reading, listening, writing, and communicating.

  1. Speed of conversation

It’s better to speak correct and easy than speeding the conversation. It has been noticed that even the native English speaker pauses while communicating.

  1. Improve one thing at a time

There are so many parts in English to learn such as pronunciation, listening skills, grammar, and vocabulary. It’s never a good idea to rush all at time. Start everything step by step. You must have listened, “a pot fills drop by drop.” So, focused on a step by step and learn easy.

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