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custom mailer boxes wholesale

Every day the numerous brands around the world are introducing a wide variety of new products that require specific packaging. And the business owners are spending millions of investments on the packaging of their products. Most brands require hard material boxes to send their products to customers across the world. To cater to this need of most brands, box manufacturers have introduced mailer boxes. These mailer boxes are importantly used for shipping, mailing, and subscription purposes. Moreover, the mailer boxes are also used by retailers for different purposes.

If you are running an e-commerce business, then the use of wholesale mailer boxes will be of best use to you. No matter if you are buying boxes in a large number to keep your wholesale prices, the e-commerce product packaging of your business has to carry out important roles. However, the packaging of your product needs to make the most of wholesale boxes discount.

Moreover, the use of mailer boxes has been used by many e-commerce businesses as a promotion and marketing tool. Also, these type of boxes has been used by many brands to provide customers with month to month subscription of their products. These mailer boxes are in huge demand today as they are generally light in weight. Despite the lightweight of the mailer boxes, they provide excellent strength and firmness to the product placed inside the box.

Wholesale mailer boxes for your business

These mailers or shipping boxes are in use by most of the brands and companies that need to send their products worldwide. These boxes keep the products safe and secure when transporting them to far distant places. Due to its safe transportation and lightweight, the use of these boxes is making a dominating impact on the market. However, the demand for your product will also be increased tremendously by the use of hard material mailer boxes for safe product packaging. Also, these custom shipping or mailer boxes are helping the businesses to build their own brand identity in the market by making unique innovations in the packaging.

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Moreover, you can save a huge amount of money when buying customized boxes wholesale. Buying the boxes wholesale will save you time and money. Instead of using this investment on the boxes, you can utilize this investment for the growth of your business.

A pool of customizing options to design your wholesale mailer boxes

The mailer boxes are made of strong corrugated layers that act as cushioning and keeps the product safe and secure. You can customize your own wholesale mailer boxes with varying strength and thickness levels. The thickness level of the boxes can vary from 10pt to 28pt according to your preference. These mailer boxes come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and designs to cater to your specific needs.

Also, these boxes can be made by using different materials such as cardboard stock, corrugated, and Kraft. If you want to give a minimal look to your box you can use a Kraft box with a solid light color print. Any solid light color print will give an organic look to your box. You can also use dark color shades if your brand demands a customer’s attention.

You can also choose the cardboard material for creating the mailer boxes. You can customize the thickness of your box according to the nature of your product. If your product is light in weight, you can customize your box according to 12pt thickness. However, the increase and decrease in the thickness level can be varied according to your requirements.

You can show off your brand to the customers by designing a unique logo on the boxes. The mailer boxes with a brand logo will communicate your brand to the customers while traveling and builds awareness of your brand.

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You can grab the attention of the customers to your brand by the use of the latest finishing techniques such as foiling, embossing, glossing, lamination, scoring, spot UV, and aqueous coating. All of these advanced finishing touches will add appeal to your boxes and make them distinct from the crowd.

Contributing to the environment with green packaging

You can contribute to the safety of the environment by creating wholesale mailer boxes with recyclable, eco-friendly, and bio-degradable materials. The use of eco-friendly material will keep the environment from the harmful chemicals released when the boxes are disposed of and spoiled. Moreover, the recycling property of the material will make it easy to reuse and recycle into new boxes when they are discarded.

The environmental protection authorities are suggesting the use of green packaging for the packaging of the products in order to protect the ecosystem from the harmful impacts of packaging. For this reason, many huge brands are considering the use of green packaging to make a strong impact on the market.

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